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Jan 24, 2008 12:22 PM

Princeton area italian, byo ?

Can anyone recommend a good italian restaurant in the Princeton area? Preferably, byo.

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  1. I have never been there but Gennaro's, on State Road (Route 206), has received some good press.

    What do you mean by "Princeton area"? Somerville, to the north of Princeton, has some very good Italian restaurants that are BYO. And Trenton isn't that far.

    1. I really like Gennaros; very good food. Parking lot is a bit scary getting out of; be warned. I also like Capuanos on Clarksville Road. It's about a mile and a half off of Route 1; not far from the Quakerbridge Mall.

      1. Again, not in Princeton proper, but try Enzo's in Lawrenceville, Villa Barone in Robbinsville, or Piccolo Trattoria in Pennington.
        Mezzaluna in Princeton has had mixed reviews on this board, but I had a good meal there several years ago.
        Teresa's in Princeton is good, but not BYO.
        The old Chambersburg warhorse Sal DeForte's recently moved to Ewing but I have not tried the new location.

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          Had dinner at Sal DeFortes 2 weeks ago and it was excellent. Service somewhat spotty, but friendly. It's BYOB now, but supposedly they are getting a liquor license.

        2. All places mentioned above are excellent choices. You could also try Capuano on Clarksville Road in West Windsor twp. ALso an excellent choice.

          1. Not necessarily Princeton, but Leonardo's in Robbinsville is great. Order a special for sure. They're in a strip mall, but has GREAT food.. BYOB.

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              I'll second that recommendation. The food there is excellent, although it can be rather noisy. I love their spaghettie and meatballs!

              1. re: Heatherb

                oh boy spaghetti and meatballs. exactly where is Leonardo's

                1. re: ruf

                  Hamilton Marketplace on Route 130. it's in the strip of stores perpendicular to WalMart. They have so many other things there that are good. I've never been disappointed. Best of all, they deliver!

              2. re: MedicBarbie

                We've been to Leonardo's several times and the food is fine but not remarkable Italian. Not worth a 30 minute drive from Princeton. Didn't they open another Leonardo's in Ewing?