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Jan 24, 2008 12:19 PM

Looking for fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves in Nassau or Queens...

Im trying to find fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves in Nassau or Queens , prefer Nassau but I got to school in Flushing so if anyone knows any places there, that would be great(I know most of the markets in Flushing are Korean not Southeast Asian). Ive checked Fairway Plainview and they dont have them,neither does Whole Foods Jericho, and I went to Kaluystan'ss spice store in Manhattan but they were out of the dried ones. Please only tell me about places you know for sure have them , I dont have a lot of time to go to different places that dont...thanks in advance :)

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  1. The Southeast Asian markets in Elmhurst have them. I've gotten them from Tip Top Foods on Broadway.

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      I used to buy them at Topline, on Broadway in Elmhurst. Now I grow my own...bought the plant for just s few bucks on Ebay....

    2. I cannot swear that they have them now, but the last time I was at V&T supermarket on Franklin Ave. in Hempstead (which was a while ago), they had the frozen ones.

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        both of the thai groceries down the street from sriphaphai have them.