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Ethnic Markets in San Diego

OK, I'm hoping to compile a list of ethnic super markets in San Diego along with people's thoughts and experiences about them. I'll start use off with a few listings.

Ranch 99 Market - Located in Clairemont Mesa this is hands down the best Chinese supermarket in town. http://www.99ranch.com/

Lucky Seafood - Located in Mira Mesa this is probably the second best Chinese supermarket in San Diego as it is smaller and tends to have slightly higher prices then Ranch 99 but it is still a good option for hard to find items or people located in the North County inland area. http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/2...

Vien Dong - With two locations (one in Linda Vista and the other on University) it seems to be the largest and best stocked Vietnamese market in San Diego though I honestly haven't spent much time in either. http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/2...

Mitsuwa Marketplace - A Japanese market located off of Balboa and the 163. I haven't been here in years, my impression was that prices were a bit high though selection was good. http://www.mitsuwa.com/english/index....

Bombay Bazaar Indian Grocery Store - An Indian supermarket located in Mira Mesa's Little India center. This place is near my house and I love Indian food so I spend a fair amount of time at this grocery store. Excellent price and selection for all things south Asian. There are also several other Indian shops mixed in with the restaurants in that mall. http://local.yahoo.com/details.php?id...

Seafood City - Filipino supermarket located in Mira Mesa. I live 3 blocks away but I never seem to go here that much though the parking lot is always packed. I do like the ChowKing restaurant (Filipino fast food restaurant) located in the store though. http://www.macraesbluebook.com/search...

Northgate Gonzalez - A Mexican/Latino supermarket chain from LA which recently opened a store in Login Heights south of downtown. I haven't been there and I'm hoping someone can tell me more about it.

That's all the large ethnic supermarkets I know of though there are several small markets which might be interesting for people to puruse.

Tip Top Meats is a great German Butcher shop & deli on Palomar Airport Rd while Sausage King on Washington St is the best German butcher in San Diego itself.

Kabul Market on Convoy has Central & south Asian goods.

Mona Lisa and Filippi's are the best Italian deli/markets in San Diego itself though I've heard in North County there are a few more.

Persepolis International Market on Rancho Santa Fe Rd is supposed to have Iranian/Persian foods.

D.Z. Akins is the best Jewish Deli & market in town. It mostly specializes in Kosher goods and items from Israel.

Anyone know of any more? I'm sure there are lots of small ethnic markets around here so let's pool our knowledge and build up a list for our fellow foodies.

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  1. North Park Produce - Specializes in Middle Eastern, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Indian & Mexican food & produce, if you can call that specializing. They have 2 stores, one in Normal Height & one in Poway @ Poway & Pomorado.

    1. Nijiya Market
      3860 Convoy St # 109
      San Diego, CA 92111
      (858) 268-3821

      Zion Marketplace
      4611 Mercury St., San Diego, CA 92111

      (Just across the intersection from Marukai Market on Mercury, opening next month.)

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      1. re: trentyzan

        Smaller then Zion, but has many good points:
        Korea Mart
        4689 Convoy St, San Diego, CA
        (858) 573-0900

        El Asadero Market
        6866 El Cajon Blvd,
        San Diego, CA
        (619) 337-6544

      2. Another in that neighborhood:
        Parsian International Market
        4020 Convoy St
        San Diego, CA 92111
        (858) 277-7277

        This one used to be better, but seems to be coming back:
        International Groceries
        3548 Ashford St, San Diego, CA
        (858) 569-0362

        1. I went to Northgate Gonzalez last week and let me say it is amazing.
          The hot foods area is delicious and cheap. Try the street tacos or the Empenadas.
          The fresh meat counter is out of this world. They have so many pre-made taco meats, steaks, chicken etc it'll blow your mind. Just take a number and wait to hear it in spanish.
          The fruits and veggies are cheap and fresh. For example at Ralph's serranos cost like 5 for a dollar, but at northgate I got a pound for a dollar which is like 25 serranos. There is also an exquisite baked goods area with things I have never seen for almost nothing. Just go It's work the trip. And they have fresh made tortillas for nothing as well.

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          1. re: milojon

            India Spices and Sweets on Clairmont Mesa just west of 99 Ranch is really nice and the new owner is really helpful and friendly.

            1. re: keena

              I also like the brands of Indian instant meals you can find there. Very good for microwave lunches at work.


          2. Hi,
            I just got home from Northgate. It is outstanding. The flagship store of the Northgate Gonzales chain I've visited in Santa Ana cannot hold a dribbly candle to this mammoth.

            One discovery I made today, after some snooping around is that they carry real romeritos - a herb-like veggie which is traditionally paired with shrimp for the Lenten season. It is in the frozen section and their english translation is smth akin to 'swamp veggie.'
            Near by is all the fixins for your Peruano style cebiches - rocoto, cancha etc. as well as pulps of many rare fruits NOB for your Aguas frescas bases.

            I just finished off my Picadillo I made last night with their Purple Corn tortillas. They were still warm! I was eating them even plain.

            They even have a little dulceria cart set up out front with a nice woman helping everyone to candied fruit. I asked for acitron but they didnt have it.

            The Pan dulce here is baseline - you can do better elsewhere at the little Panaderias.

            I have always seen chilacoyote, huazontle, pepicha among other rarer Mexican produce and herbs here. Their epazote is pretty fresh looking.

            My "First" and go-to Mex market is El Tigre and it should not be overlooked. I really like the Fallbrook store - the staff is especially friendly and the Panaderia is top. The Escondido store is also nice - and is next to Ritmo Latino if you want to pick up some Cumbia. Next to Ritmo is the best Mexican ice cream and paleta shop in the entire county. I have not been to the El Tigre in the Southbay but I have been to the one in Vista as well.

            Pancho Villa's on the Blvd, I've shopped at a couple of times now - but I'm not crazy about the meat or prepared foods counter. The produce is ok.

            Tropical Star on Balboa would probably be a good place to pick up South American and Carrib. supplies.

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            1. re: kare_raisu

              I purchase my peruvian products (frozen ajis from Peru, Inka Cola, purple maiz, sublime, etc.) at Latin American Travel & Services 3636 Fifth Ave
              San Diego, CA 92103. Really great people and many products. Close to Hash House.

              1. re: kare_raisu

                k.r., as posted elsewhere, you may be able to find acitron now at Northgate market; in LA there are candy stands recently provided by AJ Produce (Mexico D.F. based supplier).

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  Northgate is Nat City is worth the drive. I purchase fresh oyster's there for .58 each and sometimes at Seafood City also in Nat. City for the same price range. Hard to beat both of these places for items you want of this food group.

                2. Vinh Hung Super Market - They seem to be a chain? I've only been to the one in Mira Mesa, and then only for Filipino fast food at Addel's Deli, but they seem to have more stores in El Cajon & Santee.

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                  1. for North County locations

                    1. Bombay Bazaar in San Marcos-- small

                    2. T&H Prime Meats in San Marcos- amazing sausage selection, German and Swedish, great beef

                    1. Chula Vista (anyone care?) has
                      Seafood City on Third Ave. Prepared Filipino Food..good pansit and squid and a few other things.
                      El Tigre Market on Third Ave. Most anything you need , nice produce.
                      Apple Tree Market on 3rd & Anita...owned by the same family as the store in OB.
                      The meat market is very good although they don't have patas or manteca they have great shank meat and they gave me free soup bones..unheard of. Meat Counter also sells fresh Mexican cheeses. The produce is decent and cheap but staples (eggs, butter, etc) are higher here. Good chiles.

                      BTW...Tacos El Gordo has moved from 3rd Street to H Street.

                      In another vein...what is the name of the middle eastern market the small shopping center off Mt. Alifan/Balboa? Great luncheon counter.

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                      1. re: P Macias

                        It's now called Balboa International Market. Parsian International Market and Deli has moved to Convoy, south of Balboa.

                        1. re: Josh

                          I've driven by Parsian many times but didn't realize it was the place from Mt. Alifan. Then since the BIM has new owners, I'd better get in there again. Do they also offer a lunch counter/prepared food?

                          1. re: P Macias

                            They had great prepared food there, good prices too

                            1. re: LarryP

                              Don't forget Primo's in Vista. That grill is always cooking some good smelling ribs and stuff.

                        2. re: P Macias

                          ...and, speaking of south bay, there's a new north park produce that's been open about a month in chula vista on east h, right next to the k mart where good guys used to be. like henry's, they sell bulk spices. also, there's a seafood city on plaza blvd in national city in the corner of the strip mall where ihop, lai thai, and joann fabrics are, right across plaza blvd from jollibee.

                        3. Vine Ripe Market on Fletcher Parkway between Baltimore and Jackson Dr. in La Mesa. The attached Vine Ripe cafe is also good for a quick lunch or dinner. Good selection of Middle Eastern products. Produce is dead ripe and often very inexpensive because it's so ripe.

                          Pancho Villa market on El Cajon Blvd. where it crosses the I-805 for Mexican products. While Northgate is bigger and more impressive Pancho Villa can be more convenient depending upon time and location. I've had better luck with the meat at Pancho Villa than Northgate, particularly the pork. The produce department *may* be managed by the Boney family, not entirely sure on that.

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                          1. re: DiningDiva

                            Are any of these markets within walking distance of downtown San Diego. I will be there next week, but without a car...

                            1. re: ac06

                              Sadly, I think you are probably out of luck. The bulk of the markets mentioned in this thread are not that close to downtown, particularly the Asian ones up on Convoy and Northgate. All of those would require a car or a fairly pricey cab ride.

                              1. re: ac06

                                Mona Lisa and Filippi's are walking distance from downtown. Depending on where you're staying downtown, it can be a healthy walk but doable!

                                1. re: phee

                                  Right across the street from Mona Lisa is Assenti's pasta shop. They always have an awesome selection of pastas pade fresh daily, as well as a wide variety of gnocchi, filled pastas, truffles, olive oils, and cheeses. however, they ONLY take cash (so come prepared).

                                2. re: ac06

                                  Thanks DiningDiva and phee. I guess I'll just have to enjoy the beautiful waterfront, and worry about food shopping for my next visit. From what I hear, Northgate is certainly worth a visit (we don't have all that much Mexican in Vancouver). Thanks again.

                                  1. re: ac06

                                    I was just in Vancouver on a biz meeting, one of the counterparts there is from Guadalajara... and inquired with him about Mexican in Vancouver... he said non-existent... he has looked high & low... hasn't found any place in the entire city that could remotely survive in SOB... he just got back from Guadalajara and said he felt like a pig being fattened for the slaughter because he was trying to experience enough food to last him a year of fantasies.

                                    Definitely take advantage of Northgate and the other Mexican gems in S.D. if it is a cuisine you like.

                                3. re: DiningDiva

                                  For Middle Eastern products in East County, I definately recomend Vine Ripe. I buy Super Basmati Seal rice here a product of Pakistan and it cost .99 for 1 pound. The cost for this product in not the issue. Everything I have purchased there has been just great. I am going this morning to re-stock rice and other staple items we use. BTW, I am caucasian, but love the food group.

                                4. For consistent quality and low prices, I get my vegetables at Pancho Villa's now. The tomatoes and avocados are half the price of the regular stores as well as the lemons and cucumbers. Yesterday I ordered a chili relleno from the food counter that was so tasty and covered with a delicious homemade style red sauce.

                                  I have been to Northgate and El Tigre and are very impressed with the quality and prices there, too. The smell of the tortillas cooking was wonderful!

                                  Boney's in Oceanside (on Oceanside Blvd) is quite impressive with their selection of produce and all types of grains, nuts, etc. that you can buy in whatever quantity you need.

                                  Otay Farms Market, near Broadway and Main in Chula Vista, makes mass quantities of guacamole, carrots in escabeche and 4 different types of salsa in these huge containers so they must sell a lot of it! They also make corn and flour tortillas which always have a line waiting for them.

                                  Major Market in Escondido carries a wide variety of European food (England, Germany, Switzerland) that I haven't seen many other places.

                                  Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad carries a variety of Bavarian offerings and some delicious sausages.

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                                  1. re: LisaSD

                                    I am pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that the Boney family provides the produce for Pancho Villa. I agree, they do sell pretty good produce at very low prices.

                                    1. re: LisaSD

                                      Tip Top Meats incidentally has a huge selection of northern European specialties, from German bottled relishes to frozen venison to Dutch licorice. I believe they still make their own sausages. Their original emphasis was the meat counter, and it's still well stocked. Funny, I don't normally think of this as ethnic, but it certainly is.

                                    2. Re Jewish delis -- there's a lot of room to grow here, but you can also try Aaron's at Balboa and Convoy. They've just redone the market to emphasize their tiny dining in area. Kosher/kosher style so closed on Saturdays, of course. Good for kosher products, Israeli products and traditional Jewish foods.

                                      One place I had been looking forward to for months but am hugely disappointed with is Marukai. This is the third entry in the Japanese market niche in Kearny Mesa and is competing with two marvelous stores nearby, Matsuwa Market and Nijiya. The new store is small, many shelves are bare and it's freezing cold inside. I don't see why the company is being so lax in stocking the store and can't see how it's going to compete with the other two (and Zion market across Balboa).

                                      By the way, I trust you saw the news that Northgate Gonzalez has bought the El Tigre chain of Mexican/Latin markets. I've recently been to the El Tigre in Escondido, which is kind of old and tired, and the new El Tigre in Chula Vista, which is just too antiseptic. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Gonzalez family does with the chain since their store on 43rd St. is so marvelous (try their various ceviches -- really fine).

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                                      1. re: sandiegofoodstuff

                                        I am desperate to find a good Italian deli in North County that makes their own mozzarella,sausages, etc; as well as a good fish market - are there no alternatives to packaged proscuitto?

                                        1. re: lost in suburbs

                                          Real mozzarella is made from water buffalo milk and since I've never seen a water buffalo in this area I doubt locally made mozzarella would be very authentic.

                                          1. re: oerdin

                                            ??? is lis looking for 'real' -- did she say so?

                                            1. re: oerdin

                                              "real" mozzarella is not always mozzarella di bufala - fior di latte is also "real" mozzarella and it is made from cow's milk. There are also many makers of mozzarella all over the US who use cow's milk and produce a wonderful, creamy cheese- there must be someone in SD who is doing this

                                              1. re: lost in suburbs

                                                I saw buffalo milk mozzarella at Costco, of all places, in Mission Valley.

                                                1. re: Josh

                                                  They also have it at Costco in Carlsbad. You need to check dates, but given lack of alternatives, not too bad for the price

                                            2. re: lost in suburbs

                                              I'm not sure such a thing exists in North County proper, but you could probably find what you're looking for at Whole Foods or Bristol Farms in the UTC area of La Jolla. For more options though, you might want to make a trip to Little Italy. For the fish market - try Blue Water Grill, El Pescador, Point Loma Seafoods, the Fish Market (there's one in Del Mar) or Catalina Offshore Products.

                                              Nijiya Market on Convoy and the Fresh and Easy markets also have pretty good packaged seafood selections in my experience.

                                              1. re: lost in suburbs

                                                Venissimo Cheese in Del Mar has Mozzarella di Bufala imported from Italy as well as Proscuitto San Daniele that they can slice fresh for you. There's a great selection of other cheese and things from around the world...

                                                Venissimo Cheese
                                                754 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

                                            3. Please don't forget Assenti's Pasta shop across from Mona Lisa. They offer an extensive selection of freshly homemade pastas, homemade filled pastas, a small (but great quality) deli case, wine, sauces, and a small selection of grocery items (tomatoes, capers, truffle oil, etc.) They only take cash, but there is an ATM in the shop.

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                                              1. re: beth1

                                                I think I recall even seeing squid ink pasta here, no?

                                                1. re: kare_raisu

                                                  Yes. From time to time they carry squid ink pasta.

                                                  1. re: Ewilensky

                                                    assenti's is also the only place I've found Tuscan pecorino cheese to bring back lovely memories of our Tuscany trip

                                              2. Bharat Bazaar is a small Indian market on San Marcos Blvd near Fry's Electronics. Mostly packaged goods, some frozen items, and a few essential vegetables. I buy spices (including Shan's mixes), frozen Malaysian roti prata (paratha), and once I got some silver leaf for a biryani, as a special favor from the owner. Now that's something you don't find every day.

                                                1. does someone know where to purchase Montes candy??? (Dulces Montes)

                                                  1. If you are keen to try some delicious, authentic South African food, swing by Deli SA! It is located in an industrial office park at 8360 Clairemont Mesa Blvd (Suite 112), a bit tricky to find, it's located towards the back of the park. Graham, the owner, personally makes the majority of the items he sells, and has started having braais (BBQs) every Saturday to get people to sample his food. Every time I step in the store looking for one particular item, I walk out with at least 8 different things, it is all so good! Check them out online at http://www.deli-sa.com/. They are absolutely worth a shot!

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                                                    1. re: sacricketer

                                                      There was a shop in the Sorrento Mesa food mall (near Staples) that sold all sorts of meat pastries, and the owner was South African. Went out of business about 7 years ago. Is this the same fellow? If so, he's well worth a special visit. And if not, I'll drop by when I'm in the area.

                                                    2. We got a new latin market in Escondido--actually kinda 2. The old el Tigre has turned into a Northgate. They're having Grand opening right now, and it's newly remodeled. Haven't visited it yet, as it's on the other side of town. The new Vallarta market is much closer to my house. I love the variety and quality of produce. The grocery prices are reasonable. The meat selection is great. There is a deli serving Mexican-style lunches, an agua fresca stand, a ice cream kiosk, and a bulk salsa counter. The bakery ranges from cakes to pan dulce. Best of all, there's rarely a line at the check stand, and the baggers actually know how to bag groceries. The atmosphere of the store is a feast for all the senses (it's the best grocery store decor EVER!!!!).

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                                                      1. re: beth1

                                                        I agree 100% beth. This place is so awesome - I like it so much better than Northgate too. I am so Jealous that is only around the corner from you!

                                                        1. re: beth1

                                                          I know Northgate is a chain but is there a BEST Northgate in SD?

                                                          and where is Vallarta? Maybe that's where I should wander with my nephew while I'm in town

                                                          1. re: sarapeater

                                                            Yes the 43rd st in National city would be the best - though they did a great job renovating the former Escond El Tigre.

                                                            Vallarta is on valley pkwy in Esco - I like it better than that 43rd st NG.

                                                            1. re: kare_raisu

                                                              1315 E Valley Pkwy
                                                              (between Ash St & Harding St)
                                                              Escondido, CA 92027
                                                              (760) 291-0375


                                                                1. re: kare_raisu

                                                                  thanks. we hit northgate gonzalez today. loved it. have never seen such a selection of fresh salsa - how awesome. will be flying home with some dried chiles and drinking chocolate. thought I might find blue corn meal there...anyone know where I can find some?

                                                        2. wonderful israeli and kosher market on el cajon called the Place. They also have a dairy deli across the street (you know, b/c you have to separate meat and milk).
                                                          more extensive selection than dzakins i think

                                                          1. Ker Little India is located in the same mall as Bombay Bazaar. its bigger and has a large selection of Indian vegetables (bottle gourd, curry leaves, and some others for which I don't even know the english names). they seem to have some issues with available stocks lately though - I've found it helpful to check at Bombay Bazaar and Ker - one will often have veggies, spices, pickles, or other Indian foods or snacks that the other place does not have in stock

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                                                            1. re: ipsit

                                                              Ker Little India has fallen on hard times and now their selection isn't looking so good.

                                                              1. re: ipsit

                                                                Ker Little India has closed down. Bombay Bazaar and India Foods and Groceries are the only Indian markets in that strip mall now. This isnt really a surprise - over the past year, their selection has gotten smaller and smaller. Still, they stocked some hard-to-find things, and its sad to see it go. They also had one of the more interesting (if wildly inconsistent) buffets in town.

                                                                Also closed is the India Princess restaurant next to Ker - that, however, is not a major blow to the Indian food scene - their menu and food was mediocre at best.

                                                                No idea what will occupy those spaces - hopefully something exciting.

                                                                1. re: ipsit

                                                                  too bad about Ker. How are Bombay Bazaar and India Food and Groceries for things like curry leaf and other hard to find spices? The few times I got curry leaf at the Indian Sweets and Spices, they were old and turning black. Ker had nice fresh ones.

                                                                  1. re: daantaat

                                                                    I usually prefer Bombay Bazaar for fresh herbs and spices - they often have fresh curry leaves. I tend to buy a large bunch and put them in the freezer. That way they dont dry out, and I havent found them to lose flavor (though they do darken in color). Bombay Bazaar has a better selection of fresh veggies than India Foods and Groceries, though the latter has some brands of spices and packaged stuff that the former doesnt. India Foods also has a prepared curries, but I've not tried them.

                                                                    Between the two, theyve got the spectrum covered.

                                                                    1. re: ipsit

                                                                      how long do curry leaves hold in the freezer?

                                                                      1. re: daantaat

                                                                        Vacuum-sealed in the freezer for quite a long time

                                                                        1. re: honkman

                                                                          and if they're not non vacuum-sealed? wrapped in layers of Saran wrap and Ziploc freezer bags instead?

                                                                          1. re: daantaat

                                                                            I tried it once non vacuum-sealed and they went brown pretty fast (a few days) and also the taste afterwards in any curry wasn't good. In my experience kaffir lime leaves can be stored in the freezer without vacuum-sealing but not curry leaves.

                                                                      2. re: ipsit

                                                                        When I haven't had vacuum seal available, i try and make the ziploc as airtight as possible - and when cooking, adding a few extra leaves compensates for loss of flavor. The biggest problem with leaves that go brown is that they become brittle. I dont like little pieces of dried curry leaf in my food. This is not as good as the fresh stuff, but an adequate substitution.

                                                                        Sometimes, you can buy a curry leaf plant at farmer's markets. I bought one from the Santa Monica farmer's market (about $20). it did well for a while, but I forgot to make arrangements for it one time while travelling and it didn't make it - haven't checked the area farmer's markets for curry leaf plants, but may be worth checking.

                                                                    2. re: ipsit

                                                                      That India Princess location is weird. None of the restaurants there have seemed to do well.

                                                                      1. re: RB Hound

                                                                        Completely agree. But the last two places to occupy that location also happened to not be very good. Lets hope that the next occupant is (a) a restaurant and (b) not another generic mediocre curry house without any character

                                                                  2. LaLoush International
                                                                    Middle Eastern, Persian, Iranian, Indian, Russian, Hispanic and a lot of other cultures . The cheapest produce in Poway! Gotta love it.

                                                                    12845 Poway Road
                                                                    Poway ca 92064


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                                                                    1. re: smilesum

                                                                      I'm looking for an Argentine market because I'm looking for their delicious sausage. Does anyone know of a market like this in the San Diego Area? Thanks.

                                                                      1. re: ytfchow

                                                                        I honestly wanted to find a good Argentine market or restaurant after watching the No Reservations about Argentina and Uruguay but I have yet to find a decent one in San Diego. Pampas Grill advertises itself as Argentine but it doesn't strike me as even remotely authentic. I have heard great things about the URuguay Cafe in El Monte, CA (LA area) but I have never been there myself.


                                                                        1. re: oerdin

                                                                          Puerto La Boca in Little Italy has good Argentine food. I enjoyed their sweetbreads.

                                                                          1. re: mayache

                                                                            Agreed. Check out Puerto La Boca.

                                                                        2. re: ytfchow

                                                                          Villa Roma in Laguna Hills (OC) has an Argentine market and butcher. Their meats are hit-or-miss but there is definitely some good stuff there. The milanesa de res is especially good. Might not be worth a trip on its own, but it's right off the La Paz Rd exit of the 5 if you are passing by.


                                                                      2. A couple small markets no one has mentioned:

                                                                        Pata Negra, a Spanish Import shop (next to Costa Brava in PB - good tapas!)

                                                                        Latin Chef Peruvian Restaurant and shop - the owner is SO NICE!

                                                                        Andres Latin American Market - IMO nothing special, but was just browsing & it's small
                                                                        no website

                                                                        Costa Brava
                                                                        1653 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

                                                                        Latin Chef
                                                                        1142 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

                                                                        Pata Negra
                                                                        1657 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

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                                                                        1. re: alegramarcel

                                                                          I like Pata Negra. Slices of Serrano Ham and also wet (cooking) chorizo which is perfect for doing paellas. Some interesting Spanish wines also.

                                                                          I wasn't aware that the nice folks at Latin Chef had a small marketplace - thanks for the tip.

                                                                        2. I have it on good report to add Rancho Fresco in Barrio Logan to your list.

                                                                          1. Did anyone mention La Tiendita on Clairemont Blvd at Clairemont Drive? It's limited with lousy produce but a fabulous neighborhood resource. Good packaged tortillas, fresh queso fresca, ripe avocados, grand bunches of cilantro, great chips-- and on the weekend they used to have a taco stand in front. I'd LOVE to have something like this near PB.

                                                                            1. Are there no Asian/Thai Markets in San Diego East County?? Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon & even La Mesa if all else fails... HELP!!

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: nena2u

                                                                                No. Many Mexican and many more Mediterranean.

                                                                                (I live in Santee and get to the 52 and exit on 163 or Convoy...or North on the 15 to Mira Mesa Blvd.)