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Jan 24, 2008 11:58 AM

Meyer Lemon source in RI?

I'm longing for meyer lemons. Anyone know where to buy in RI?

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  1. Not quite RI, but maybe give a call to Sid Wainer in New Bedford ( don't have their number) They have a retail outlet and would be most likely to carry meyer lemons.
    If you are planning on cooking a savory dish, there is a jarred product, perserved meyer lemon (its in paste form) made by Restaurant LuLu in SanFrancisco, they should do mail order and most of their products are excellent.

    1. Whole Foods had them , last I was there.

      1. Belmont Market in Wakefield has them.

        1. I've gotten them at the Stop and Shop on Branch Ave in Providence, but I'm not sure if they have them right now. When I got them they were in a package of 4.

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          1. re: cajuntoast

            I have to say, I got those prepacked meyer lemons at that store once, and they were terrible. well, maybe not terrible, but they didn't have that distinctive scent and flavor, they just tasted like lemons.

            maybe i just got a bad batch.

            1. re: celeriac

              Oh no! That was truthfully the first time I'd bought them, so I'm probably not a good judge of how they should taste... They weren't quite as sour as lemons.

          2. dunno if they have em now but i've purchased them several times in the past at the big dave's mktplace in east greenwich/warwick (opp the movie theaters)