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Jan 24, 2008 11:45 AM

KC Prime in Lawrence, NJ Reviewed

The Princeton Packet has just reviewed this steakhouse, bestowing upon it a Very Good for food and a Good for service.

As you will note, there is mention in the review that a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse will open in Forrestal Village this year.

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  1. Fascinating - two steakhouses in the same center. I love KC Prime.

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    1. re: njeggy1

      KC Prime is on Quakerbridge Rd. next to the Quakerbridge Mall. I think Forrestal Village is a couple miles north of there, off of Route 1.

      1. re: TomDel

        But Forrestal will then have that Salt Creek Grille AND Ruth's Chris. Haven't been to Salt Creek or to a Ruth's Chris location yet.

        1. re: Heatherb

          Thanks for clarifying for me HeatherB. I was referring to Salt Creek and Ruth's Chris being in the same center.

      2. re: njeggy1

        Anybody have any idea how much of the beef sold here is actually PRIME ? I bet not much.

        1. re: percarpio

          What's your beef percarpio? (ha!). Here's a menu. It's good.

          1. re: percarpio

            The prime cuts are identified as such; servers will make explicit which of the steaks are prime beef. We've been going there for years and have never had anyone there try to pass off "choice" (or lower) cuts as "prime".

            As noted in a couple of posts below, the double cut lamb chops and the Ahi Tuna (which, when ordered "rare" is indeed served rare) are outstanding. The Ahi Tuna salad size is a tremendous bargain and can definitely be a meal unto itself.

        2. KC Prime is the best steakhouse in this area. We've been going for years and have never had a bad experience.

          They have THE BEST lamb chops - frequently offered as a nightly special. The chops are huge and I have yet to find a steakhouse (local, NYC, Chicago, etc.) that equals these for taste and size. Substitute the wasbi mashed for the sweet potato mashed that they're paired with and you'll be in heaven. As for the steaks, all are excellent cuts of quality meat handled expertly by the grillmen. The service at KC Prime is always professional and efficient. The decor is sleek and comfortable, especially when dining in one of the preferred high back booths.

          The coup de grace is the price. Each steak comes with a house salad (greens or caesar), a vegetable side and a starch. No ticky tack $5 - $10 add ons per serving to have a complete dinner! Also the wine list is long enough to always find a reasonable pick.

          Consistently great food, professional service served in an inviting room - we love KC Prime!

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          1. re: Foody4life

            Happy to report KC Prime continues to more than satisfy.

            J and I returned last night for our first dinner here in a very long time. Overall, the food was great - really outstanding for the price paid. J ordered the Ahi Tuna with a house salad and I ordered the Lamb Chops off the evening's special list with a house caesar. Both entrees came out perfectly cooked.

            Our server was a bit off as it seems if I said black, she heard blue. No big snafus however that could spoil our evening.

            KC Prime fills a great niche between the chain steak houses and the high end NYC biggies. We look forward to more dinners here.