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Aug 20, 2001 01:50 PM


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I am planning a wedding (my own) in the Pasadena area. I want to have a cocktail party with about 75-100 guests. Can anyone make any suggestions of good reception venues? Food is, of course, important.

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  1. I looked into getting married in Pas. Castle Green is a really interesting place. 2 party rooms, one conventional and one more of a old-time parlor. Food's supposed to be great. Also the Ritz Huntington, expensive but good food and a breathtaking lawn for the ceremony.

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      Caitlin Wheeler

      Both of those are lovely but unfortunately, out of our price range. Thanks, though.

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        I know, it gets really expensive. As I recall, the Pas. Chamber of Commerce puts out a brochure on weddings that I think was helpful. It seems to me I saw this place, a funky old mansion listed there that they rent out dirt cheap and you bring your own caterer.

        Also, although not Pasadena, I've been to two nice weddings at Occidental College in Eagle Rock and the prices are apparently VERY reasonable.