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Jan 24, 2008 11:26 AM

Pre-Game Dinner around BU/Agganis Arena

I'm coming to town for the UVM-BU basketball game on Friday (1/25) -- any suggestions on where to grab a decent pre-game meal? Ideally, I'd like a place that's got good food, is not too pricey, and not entirely packed with college kids. If that's too much to ask for, then just give me the decent food suggestions. The game's at Agganis Arena and I'd like to just walk there after dinner.

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  1. Here's a thread from ten days ago:

    Grille Zone is closing this weekend, but you could still go there tomorrow night. However, I think that Brown Sugar (Thai) or Saray (Turkish) are probably closest to fitting your request. Saray is a bit spendy for Allston, but very good.

    1. If you are from Burlington VT a fine food city, you may like Victoria Seafood, a cantonese restaurant that a couple of blocks west of Agannis arena. I would recommend Lobster with ginger and scallion, or steamed fish, and noodles like beef chow fun or Singapore noodles. It's a place that i don;t get to much because I work near Chinatown, but it's pretty good and I seem to recall a lack of good chinese in the Green Mountain state.

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        I don't want to get too flamey, because there's more than enough of that going on on this board this afternoon, but I will note that I have tried Victoria Seafood at least half a dozen times over many years, and have never had a good meal there - in particular, the ginger scallion lobster was more lobster shell than anything else. Also I find the atmosphere unfriendly. There is far better Chinese food in Allston, although it may fall outside your tolerance for walking distance. In particular, Shanghai Gate is outstanding, although it's about three quarters of a mile from there to Agganis Arena.

        Shanghai Gate
        204 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

        Victoria Seafood Restaurant
        1029 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

      2. I'd suggest Saray too because you likely don't get much Turkish food in VT.

        If you don't mind walking another 1/3 of a mile, there are a host of places along Brighton Avenue, from Shabu-Zen to almost every cuisine you can think of. If you have a preference for a type of food . . .

        1. Is Shanghai Gate the place across from Blanchards on the Harvard Ave. side?

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            No, I can't think of any Chinese restaurant on Harvard across from Blanchard's. Shanghai Gate is on Harvard at Commonwealth, around the corner from Great Scott and across from the Pizzeria Uno.

            1. re: SSqwerty

              The Malaysian place is fairly across from Blanchard's and that's pretty good.

            2. The Agganis Arena is within walking distance of one of Boston's best food neighborhoods: Allston. There's a huge variety of reasonably priced restaurants that serve foods from all over the world. The main restaurant area around the corner of Brighton Ave. and Harvard St. is about a 15 minute walk West from the arena (walk away from Kenmore Square & the two skyscrapers you can see in Back Bay).

              I'd recommend searching for Allston threads, and look for restaurants on either Brighton Ave. or Harvard St.

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              1. re: patiofixture

                Sorry, while that is a wonderful neighborhood for eating, I would not recommend a winter walk from there to Agganis Arena to even a thick skinned Vermonter. If I were walking, Brown Sugar would be plenty good enough and much, much closer. Now for a short drive, that's a different story ...


                1. re: BJK

                  It's 8 to 9 blocks, 3/4 of a mile. That's a bit of a ways but really not bad for an appropriately dressed person without mobility problems. One thing one learns on this board is that "walking distance" is nearly as individual a definition as "reasonably priced" (never mind "good food"!)

                  1. re: Allstonian

                    Apparently I have mobility problems a.k.a. laziness.


                    1. re: BJK

                      Sorry, I wasn't implying anything about you! I spent too many years trying to shepherd my infirm parents on the streets of Boston to dismiss the idea that someone might not be able to walk 3/4 mile, or even 1/4 mile.

                      But otherwise it really isn't any distance, and Joanie's right - parking twice in those neighborhoods could take more time and do more to spoil the mood than walking a few blocks would!

                      1. re: Allstonian

                        No apology necessary! I've had much worse said about me.


                  2. re: BJK

                    I'm a hearty Vermonter who wouldn't think twice about doing that. And to drive from one place to another in that area and then try to find parking would be much more of a pain, for me at least.

                    1. re: Joanie

                      Elephant Walk will fit the bill and the short walk will help you digest the meal.

                      1. re: joebelt

                        If you're talking Cambodian food, I would recommend Suvarnabhumi
                        Kiri over Elephant Walk. More authentic, cheaper, and maybe even
                        a bit closer. It is in the Allston Village area, among the many
                        restaurants found there (90 Harvard Ave, right near the intersection of
                        Harvard and Brighton Aves).

                        1. re: amatto

                          You know that Elephant Walk has a French menu too, right?

                          1. re: joebelt

                            right, that is why I prefaced my post by mentioning Cambodian
                            food. I have never had the food from the French side of the menu
                            at Elephant Walk, but believe the Cambodian side to be just ok.

                            Also I haven't tried the Thai side of the menu at S. Kiri (they are
                            actually a Thai-Cambodian restaurant), so can't comment on

                            1. re: amatto

                              In all fairness to the place, the quality has dropped in the past few years. Still a good place but not as stellar for its price range as it used to be.