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Jan 24, 2008 11:24 AM

Please HELP! Restaurant Suggestion for party in DC

I'm hosting a 30th birthday party for about 20-25 people. I'd like a casual atmosphere with good food somewhere in DC. I'm having a hard time finding a restaurant that is fun and less than $70 a person. I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Are you including acohol in the $70/per person? Zola has a few group menus ranging from $56-69/ without a bar option. Clydes in Gallery Place has private rooms and a menu that is certianly less than $70. Mei N Yu's cheapest group menu is $65.

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      Zola was going to be my recommendation as well...not sure if they have a private room though (which you might want with that big of a group). Another option would be Hudson in Dupont Circle or if you like Indian cuisine you can check out Heritage located in Glover Park and Dupont Circle.

    2. I did a birthday at Agraria last year with about 21 I think and they didn't make us get a back room which would have been pricey and it certainly was less than $70 pp because we ordered off the regular menu.

      1. My initial thought was Acadiana. There's at least one separate room, and great food of course....but I don't know if you can get out of there at your price point for this kind of party.

        901 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20001

        1. tough because of party size
          the palm in tysons may work
          although it isn't fantastic, it is fun and you could probably get a room at either Magianno's or at Buca de Beppa.
          you may be able to get a large table at Holywood East Cafe in Wheaton
          also the lodge at tower oaks in Rockville

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            Don't go to Buca de Beppa or Magiannos. If you want Italian food you are better off getting it from the Pasta Mamas at Filomena. I know some people on the board don't like it but the quality is fresh, the portions are large, and you can certainly get out of there with $70/pp. Plus you have the added bonus of having a HUGE slice of their delicious cakes for the birthday boy/girl. Plus they have the space for larger parties.

          2. upstairs at Ardeo? Do you have to have a private room? There's also PS7, which has a room that can be curtained off. When Oyamel was Andale, there was a separate back room, where I had a birthday, I believe it's still there. Chef Geoff's might be another good option.