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Okay - have looked thru ALL the Vegas boards: Staying at Mirage. I know, I know - but if you HAD to stay there, what is decent?

Hi all,
My sister and I are planning to attend Beatlefest at the Mirage in June. We are going to be hunkered down there for 2-3 days, partying Beatle-style (also plan to see "Love", of course), so it's no use trying to steer us away on the Strip - probably the most we would do is walk across the street to Bouchon (IF we manage to tear ourselves away for THAT).
Beatlefest is the priority here, but we also love good chow, so....
What's good? I've got that Stack is pretty decent. How about Sunday Brunch at Cravings? Grabbing a sandwich at the deli? Let's have it, gang!

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  1. I'd agree that Stack is decent, but not much more than that. It depends on one's expectations. Think of it as a trendy restaurant/bar that happens to serve food, and it's pretty good. Think of it as a fancy restaurant that happens to be trendy, and...well...it disappoints.

    I'm not a big fan of buffets, and of the 7 buffet meals I've had (at Wynn, Bellagio, Paris and Mirage), my breakfast buffet at Cravings was my least favorite by far. Hopefully the Sunday Brunch will be better.

    Carnegie Deli serves outrageously large sandwiches, but the quality is not so great. I've eaten there many times - I too stayed at The Mirage, and kept hoping for improvement - but was disappointed by everything except their hot dogs (pretty good) and chocolate chip cookies (also pretty good).

    Even their ice cream place (Coconuts?) is mediocre - not bad, but not as good as any of the better places in town.

    Hmmmm...I'm not being very helpful, am I? About the best I can say is that I haven't tried Japonais or some of the other restaurants; maybe they're better.

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      Thanks for your input, Larry - it IS helpful.

    2. Just walk across the street!!! I just got back and dined at Bouchon's, great as normal. Downstairs B&B is wonderful, expecially for pasta. New places opened next door, Morel's, by June the rest of the Palazzo will be open and running well.

      Walk a little to Caesar's and hit Mesa Grill, I love it there in spite of folks not liking Bobby. Drop dead French at Guy Savoy's, just bring a bucket of cash.

      Mirage is a great place to gamble, nice polker room but not known right now for the best eats.

      1. i thought i read somewhere that one of the nyc hotshot chefs is opening a high-end burger place at mirage ...not sure when it is opening ... maybe before you visit....can't remember the name of their high-end chinese place but it was very average and very expensive ( at least for what they gave you ) never tried japonnais...personally, i like stack but take it for what it is....consider social house next door ( i will be posting a review very soon ) at TI..... the deli is okay...it's a deli for crying out loud .... what do you expect ? i believe california pizza kitchen has re-opened...very average place....good luck

        1. Aurora50: Hey, another Beatlefest attendee here! The con was great in 2007, can't wait for 2008! I'm a Vegas local, and would LOVE (hahahaha) to help you out with reccomendations. Alas, i'm at work right now, and i'll get back to this post and give ideas in the next 24 hours. Carnagie deli's good, but if you are not wanting to leave the convention..Oh, don't worry, i'll be back ASAP with some HELP! (*giggles at her own Beatles-jokes!*)

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          1. Of all offerings in the Mirage, I like Japonais the most. It gets a lot of flak here but I've been twice and they consistently served good food albeit it won't be a culinary experience and they do not have the freshest or most exotic sashimi if you're hard core but all their cooked dishes and rolls and carpaccios are good to very good. I also heard some here complained about snobbery but I never personally experienced that. Heck, I went both times when I wasn't staying at the Mirage.

            Sunday brunch should be fine at the cravings provided that you're not looking for gourmet. Everything is perfectly edible and won't be offensive.

            If you've been to the original Carnegie Deli, you'll be disappointed in the Mirage version.

            Have fun!

            1. Have to agree. Cross the street. I know, I know, but the Mirage has pretty weak food. Stack is just okay; FIX, at Bellagio, is similar, but somehow, a lot better. Bouchon is great, and Delmonico's in the Venetian does lunch as well as dinner; Okada at the Wynn is great for sushi (I'm not a huge fan of social house, but I've only been once). If you venture down to the fashion show mall, there are good burgers at stripburger and good tapas at ba ba reeba. For some reason, whilst all the other casinos have upgraded their food, the Mirage has been caught in a food rut.

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                Thanks for all the responses so far, guys. I'm reading and considering everything you send me.
                : )

              2. Allright, now i'm able to finally reply! (sorry for the slightly longer delay than I expected- i'm in the process of moving to a new house!)

                Let's see..The convention gets swinging around noon, if memory serves me correctly. If you and sis are early risers/goodmorning sunshine types..Walk across the street to Bouchon at The Venetian/Venezia hotel. They have probably the most delicious breakfast on The Strip. Gorgeous outdoor patio dining to boot!

                For lunchtime eats, staying in the Mirage is a good idea. The buffet there is actually good, last time I ate there. The Carnagie deli, I haven't tried- but it looked good when I walked by. For a couple of meals, it should be decent, but possibly pricey. (like so much food in Vegas can be!) I know for sure, you can grab pre-made sandwiches and salads and EAT in the actual convention. Food's not hard to get there. ^_^

                After 9pm, you get some fun choices, if you can (or want to) walk/travel from The Mirage. Cafe BaBaReeba is across the street, at the Fashion Show Mall. Also with outdoor dining (and fantastic people-watching) they are a tapas place with delicious, fun food. It was my first time trying tapas EVER, and I loved it! Really adventerous, playful and tasty. GREAT drinks. Prices are decent, unless you order 10 plates/multi glasses of wine/cocktails. Then, your bill seems to add up fast! I really like this place, and it's open till 11pm or 12 midnite most nights.

                Another late-night place that's uniquely Vegas is The Peppermill. Old-School inside, with food that's pretty good to great. Best nachos anywhere, and portions are gigantic! It's very memorable, but north of The Mirage by about a mile. You'd want to drive to that one. It's open 24/7, and that's a nice bonus.

                Within close driving distance is Las Vegas's Chinatown. About 2 miles away, off-Strip, your Asian choices are many- also some places stay open till 2am. There's great Pho, good to great Japanese pub-style, and sushi..Then many styles of Chinese. There's even dim-sum of your wanting that!
                Near Chinatown, is one of my fave restos, Rincon De Buenas Aires, a Argentinian place. Wonderful BBQ, and a good deli as well. They have empanadas I DREAM about! *LOL*

                If your craving ramen, near the Hard Rock hotel is my fave ramen join in Vegas, Sushi Yokohama Kaigenro. Open till 2am, the food is excellent -and- cheap! They have lots of choices there, and the service is efficient and pleasant.

                Let me know of there's any type of cuisine your wanting, i'll come back and give more ideas, "anytime at all"!!

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                  Thank you, Honeychan!!! : )
                  Lots to think about!

                2. I thought the Sunday brunch at Cravings was pretty good. They had some decent dim sum offerings. This was about a year ago though so ymmv. More recently I've had the regular breakfast buffet and it's nothing special.

                  Only had experience in the Japonais lounge but it's notable for two reasons. One was friendly cocktail waitresses and two was that they closed at some ridiculously early hour one Sunday evening we were there (11pm?).

                  Stack has better than average bar food.
                  Onda is okay but nothing special.
                  Bouchon really is pretty close to the Mirage. You're not much further away from it than you'd be if you were staying in a non Venezia room at the Venetian.

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                    i liked the buffet at the mirage. avoid onda, the service and ambience were nice, but the food did not live up to the environment and was pretty expensive. carnegie deli was ok, but im sure there are better places in town....

                  2. Japonais is a GREAT choice. I reently went and had a GREAT experience, albeit expensive. We ordered alot of specials as well as a bunch or Toro and I think our bill was $120pp.

                    I would also suggest, if you drink too heavily on evening and wake up a little groggy the next morning, going to Carnegie Deli for either the Pastrami or Corned Beef Hash. The portion is HUGE and it is astoundingly delicious and equally greasy. But OMG was it awesome!

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                      Thanks, LVI !!!
                      Japonais sounds good also, since we'll be there for about 2 1/2-3 days.
                      And I'll DEFINITELY keep in mind what you said about Carnegie Deli!!! LOL
                      I love everyone's feedback so far - thank you.

                    2. Is there any such thing as a good buffet?For the price,the one at the Mirage was as good as any I have out there.