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Jan 24, 2008 11:05 AM

indian near dupont (not heritage)?

i know there are a few spots up in woodley but i'm looking for something closer to dupont... i'm looking for really reasonably priced indian or asian food (i love penang... but i've been there quite a bit recently) in that neighborhood. i don't want to go below M and i absolutely will not go above the circle (don't ask).

THANKS hounds! i know how to give you a challenge.

oh also, what IS the deal with the fifty restaurants on 17th (you know the strip i'm referring to) and how there are a ton of restaurants that i never ever hear about... i mean besides the expensive tasting one that i can't think of the name of)... are any of those spots good for a reasonably priced dinner?

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  1. yea, sushi taro on 17th and R (I think) or maybe P? is great sushi. also, mourayo is pretty good (though a bit pricy) greek, IMHO. also at 17th and r/s.

    no good indian at dupont besides heritage, which as you know is so-so.

    1. has anyone ever been to Malaysia Kopitiam? suggestions or recs?

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        I think it's very middling, but the menu is large enough and the food cheap enough that if you are curious, you should go ahead and try it. Laksa - a huge, hearty bowl of soup/stew is a safe bet.

      2. Well, Naan and Beyond on P Street is good for cheap and serviceable Indian.
        There's also a quite reasonably priced and okay Thai place on 19th above M, called Mai Thai.

        1. I think that Polo place on Connecticut (i think it' Polo Grill) is pretty decent. It's right near S Street sort of cattycorner from Ruth's Chris. The service is a little slow but the food is ok and reasonably priced. And it's a regular 'sit down' place, not a carry out joint like some.
          As for your other question, you should try Skewers which is right around the corner from 17th, on P i think. It is excellent Lebanese food, and in good weather they have this little balcony overlooking P street where you can eat. What i like is they have light plates where you can get just a kabob & a salad for about $10. Quality is great and they even have a couple decent wines by the glass (alhtough i cant' resist the mint tea). My sister and i also went to Dupont Italian Kitchen (DIK) once and although we knew the neighborhood was gay we didn' t realize there was a pretty much 100% gay bar upstairs from the dining room. We decided they probably figured we were a couple! But the food was decent. (and we DIDNT go in the bar...) But i really don't care what anyone thinks anyway ))))

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          1. re: DCDOLL

            That's the Polo India Club. It's a bit sedate/snooty. I've been there a couple of times and thought it was decent. A friend of mine (with an admittedly sensitive stomach) has had bad experiences AFTER eating there, if you know what I mean. I've never had a problem. Last week I passed by there and it looked like they'd closed, but I just called them and they're still around: 1736 Connecticut NW, between R and S. Sorry, it's above the circle... :)

          2. If you can stand to go a bit farther south, Nirvana ( is delicious and super friendly (and cheap). Pretty sure they're all-vegetarian and they do a rotating menu with themes from different regions of India each day.