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Jan 24, 2008 11:00 AM

BYOB Experiences in Chicago

Hi, my name is Jeff and I have been a foodie for about 5 months now. This is my first post and visit to Chowhound. It has been two weeks since my last great food experience (Les Halles in NYC).

I am searching for suggestions on BYOB locations in Chicago that offer great food, yet agree with my post-college budget and mild tendency to drink large amounts of wine in one sitting. Tango Sur is one BYOB experience that I consider great (though the no reservations policy breaks my heart).

Would love to hear all your suggestions. Feel free to include wine or drink suggestions along with the restaurant. Thank you.

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  1. I'm also a BYOB fan in Lakeview. I really love HB - located at 3434 Halsted. The prices range from $15 - $23 for an entree. I highly recommend starting out with the Oyster Chowder or the Almond Stuffed Dates. Any fish entree is amazing - as well as the meats. Check out their menu here:

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      I've done HB for both dinner and brunch and I totally agree, its great. Great place for Sunday brunch in the summer

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        I loved HB when it first opened, but lately I feel like their food has slipped a little. It went from being great, to just good. My new favorite BYO is Cotes du Rhone in Edgewater on Broadway; though Smoque (Irving and Pulaski) is incredibly good BBQ, and a close second.

      2. Coal Fire - New Haven style pizza, liquor store a few miles west on Grand

        Honey 1 - bbq from a smoker, not meat jello, liquor store right across the street.

        1321 W. Grand Ave

        Honey 1
        2241 N. Western

        Im a beer drinker so I enjoyed some cold ones with my pizza, ribs, hot links, and rib tips.

        1. I'm a cheap date so mostly we go to BYOB places.

          So far:

          Hama Matsu - sushi in Andersonville. On Clark St between Foster and Carmen.

          Dorado - Upscale-ish and more expensive but good. Foster before Western

          Sabor A Cuba - Cuban. Wilson and Wolcott

          Riques Reginonal Mexican - New owners but I was there on NYE and I thought they were back on an upswing. Sheridan and Argyle

          1. Butterfly for Thai/sushi; Bon Soiree for upscale asain focused menus; and TAC quick for thai.

            1. Bonsoiree for sure- it is american contemporary- $5 corkage, and closed on Sat and Monday evenings, but wonderful!