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Jan 24, 2008 10:54 AM

Best non-steakhouse steak? Where?

Any recommendations for the best non-steakhouse steak in Portland? I hate El Gaucho--they put gravy on a steak. Yuk! Ruth's Chris, Morton's they are CHAINS! Yeah, I like The Ringside but c'mon, they have no idea how to cook a vegetable.

I'm looking for a real restaurant that knows how to cook a steak--and has integrity.

Give me you nominations please!

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  1. Here are some alternative restaurants that don't feature steak, but serve up great ones (in my opinion)...
    Three Doors Down Cafe: 1429 SE 37th Ave. (Just off Hawthorne)
    Cafe Castagna: 1758 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
    Wild Abandon: 2411 Se Belmont St.

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      1. re: jerryketel

        I think Basta's has one of the best non-steakhouse steaks in the city. A real deal for around $20. I'd put it just above Cafe Castagna's, which is also good and around the same price point. Both places also have a nice caesar salad to go with, too.

        Podnah's Pit BBQ used to do a great prime rib on Fri and Sat for dinner. Not sure if they still do, though.

        1. re: JillO

          Sadly they do not. It comes around as a special now and again. I actually just called a few minutes ago and the special is rack of venison today. Meh, not my thing. Back to the drawing board...

    1. Has anyone gone to Poor Richard's recently? I remember going there as a kid.

      1. For a splurge, Paley's does a rib-eye on Saturdfay nights. Haven't tried it, but I plan to some day...