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Jan 24, 2008 10:50 AM

Baltimore Restaraunt Week: Where to go?


With the 70-odd restaraunts participating, where would you dine if you could only fit in two or three?


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  1. Wow this isn't exactly easy to answer. It's so subject to taste, style, fare, and personal quirks. I mean, while I'd probably choose the prime rib as one of my choices, I know a few people who despise (really truly loathe) the place.

    You're best bet, imo, is to do a search of baltimore restaurant week and see the reviews (there is one especially good and long thread of reviews) from last summer's RW. See which reviews really resonate with your idea of good food and a good time. It's been noted that some places, while often good usually, seem to fail at RW. And while the Baltimore Sun article (in yesterday's taste section) is correct that some of the cheaper places probably do make a decent restaurant week meal, I'd still personally wait to go at a regular time if I don't think the fixed price is worth the limited menu.

    BUT, if you really wanted my two choices: The Prime Rib & Bicycle. Best of luck with Bicycle though, the reservations were booking up when I called in mine two weeks ago.

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    1. re: Wangus

      Bicycle's been pretty much booked up for awhile.

    2. This disadvantage with Baltimore's Restaurant Week is that it isn't really a deal at most places. The great thing about Restaurant Week (esp. in DC) is that you can finally afford to go to that amazing and expensive restaurant you have always been wanting to try. Most of the places on the list, you could spend less than $30 on a 3 course meal. Or at the very most, you are saving a few bucks.

      I see Bmore Rest. Week as an excuse to go to the place I haven't had a reason to go yet. So for me it is Petit Louis. However, we are going for lunch and according to their website it seems they always offer this set menu for lunch. So we aren't getting any special deal, it was just a good excuse to finally go.

      Last RW we went to Roy's. I like the food, but after 3 years of RWs in DC it just didn't compare.

      We are thinking about going to Pazo (just as an excuse to go) cause their menu is also offered all the time (for groups of 2 or 6).

      I definately think Prime Rib is a great deal, but the only steak on the menu I believe is Prime Rib, which I am not a fan of. I guess the way I feel about Prime Rib is if I am going to get all dressed up and go, I don't mind shelling out the bucks to get a fantastic steak and whatever else I want.

      The last resturaunt we have been thinking about it Blue Agave, which I have seen a couple of people on this board say they liked. The menu looked interesting, and their normal menu, it would be easy to spend about 40 on a 3 course meal (if you get a real entree).

      Good luck!

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      1. re: enginerd

        This summer The Prime Rib had a flat iron steak as well. I can't imagine not being a fan of the prime rib, though.

        1. re: ko1

          Yeah I know, maybe I should try it again sometime. It has just never been my favorite cut of meat.

      2. Were deciding between Black Olive, Bicycle and Wine Market. Have gone to Prime Rib and Tio Pepes for past RW and been pleased at both.

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        1. re: jes

          We are going to Petite Louis and trying to decide between:
          Roys, Wine Market, Tio Pepes and Lebanese Taverna
          for the other- it is soo very hard and you have to book soon- ahh!

          Our plan of attack for picking 2 was 1 we know we love and 1 we have been wondering about.

          1. re: poached

            Lebenese Taverna has these Mezze dinners for about $23 a person (though not at all like their RW menu), and Roy has a $35 prie fixe all the time, so I'd say Tio's is the only real deal.

            1. re: jes

              Thanks so much for the info- I think we may have a winner then

        2. So unfortunately I'll be out of town most of RW, but in past years have found a number of participating restaurants to extend the prix fixe RW menu for another week or two after the official end of RW.

          Has anyone found any restaurants confirmed to be extending their RW specials into the following week?

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