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Jan 24, 2008 10:42 AM

Midtown East Business Dinner - 70+ people

Looking for a place to have a business dinner for approximately 70 people close to 48th and Park. Last year we went to Smith and Wollensky's but they are booked. Looking for similiar price range to S&W.

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  1. Avra on 48th btwn 3rd and Lex is very good

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      Palm shows as about the same price. And you could probably take over Cibo at 41st & 2nd (I'm not sure about their max load - if they're big enough for you). Unfortunately, they're both a slightly longer walk for your group. Is Maloney & Porcelli still going? Steak house at 37 East 50th. I know they're big enough. Or whatever is in that space now.

    2. I think Patroon has a room that can accomodate a large group like that.