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Jan 24, 2008 10:30 AM

Listrani's pizza in Arlington - any good?

I have only lived in Arlington for 8 months or so and was still searching for good pizza. Love Italian Store but need some place that delivers. Hated Marios. Got a menu yesterday from Listrani's and it said it was one of the "Cheap Eats." Any good? Dying for delivery!

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  1. We've stopped in a few times and always remind ourselves that "yeah, we like the pizza here, why don't we get it more often?" Never had it delivered. Can't remember which ones we really like, but have had a range and all have been respectable. If you dine in, Thursday nights offer half-price bottles of wine.

    I think it's a solid neighborhood pizzeria. Reminds me of going out for pizza on Friday nights with my family as a kid. Nothing fancy, but decent pizza on the Wilson strip.

    1. I think Listrani's is pretty good. Definitely better than Dominoes, Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns. Italian Store definitely takes the cake as far as taste goes but of course, they don't deliver. I have to say that if you haven't grown up eating Mario's (especially after a late night out), it's probably not going to rank up there with your favorite places. It's that landmark, institution type place that most people either love because they grew up eating it, or hate. Good luck!

      1. We really like Listrani's delivery. Try the four cheese--that's the best we've had so far. The meatball is also good. We usually get the special where you pick up a large cheese for $5 (if you buy a specialty) and then eat cold pizza for breakfast/lunch for a day or two.

        1. it's been a long time but I remember liking Listrani's white pizza, at the original MacArthur Blvd NW location only. made with fontina cheese, nice n oily and garlicky

          IMO the best NY-style pizza in NoVa is Cafe Pizzaiolo in the heart of Crystal City

          and they deliver but I'm not sure what their geographic boundaries are. good luck

          1. I've actually never heard of this place, where is it if you don't mind me asking?

            Off topic a bit, but if you're looking for good pizza you should try Lost Dog Cafe off of Washington Blvd. in Westover - good pizza, and they deliver.

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              its 2317 Wilson Blvd - not sure exactly where that falls but i think its basically between courthouse and clarendon. thanks everyone for your input - will try and report back

              1. re: anunez

                It's 2 blocks from Court House. Right across from the Navy League building.