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Jan 24, 2008 10:30 AM

Vegan Options in Pittsburgh

i have been eating at Zenith, a vegan eatery in pittsburgh...

i was wondering (if there are vegans present on the boards that live in pittsburgh) if there were any other options?

i do know that a lot of the ethnic restaurants have vegan options, but i'm not sure where to start in the city.

Vegetarian options would be acceptable also, if possible! going to dinner with a handful of vegans and vegetarians for a wedding, and i'm the only carnivore so i'm making due and trying to find some options for everyone. myself included!

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  1. Quiet Storm is mostly vegan. Funky. Abay and the other new Ethiopian would probably be good choices as would the better Indian restaurants (and I don't have any downtown recos but others will).

    Any of the Big Burrito places, save Mad Mex, offer excellent vegetarian options and I believe can do vegan. The more upscale places like the Carlton and Nine on Nine can do vegan - but it helps to give a day or two advance notice so they can provision accordingly.

    There was another thread on this a few months ago - you should be able to ferret it out using the search function.

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      thanks! i did search, and used a bit of the info i got from them. haha i should have thought about that before posting!

    2. In this week's City Paper, Le Pommier on E Carson got a write-up for having interesting vegan things, esp. off the menu.

      1. At Mad Mex, it doesn't feel like the vegetarian and vegans are an afterthought. Nearly everything can be made with both vegan soy cheese and vegan tofu sour cream. Adobo-marinated tofu is excellent in the Freakin' Overtly Masculine Grilled Portabello with Foo-Foo Tofu Fajita.

        New Dumpling House in Squirrell Hill offers plenty to choose from with soy-based mock-pork, -chicken and -beef as well as meat-eaters meat.

        At the Double Wide Grill in the South Side there are a number of entrees for our vegan friends and everything is conveniently noted: V for Vegetarian, Ve for Vegan and WF for Wheat-Free. Even my carnivorous friends rave about the seitan wings.

        And for Vegan-friendly dessert, Oh Yeah! Ice Cream in Shadyside offers Woo City's organic ice cream and tofu-based woo fu with a sleuth of mix-ins and toppings. http://www.customswirl.com/ http://www.woocity.com/