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Tapas below 23rd

please fill me in to the best tapas places below 23rd street.

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  1. I love Xunta in the East Village and Flor de Sol in Tribeca.

    1. Alta is a very good one. I haven't eaten my way around that area enough to know which one's best.

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        Not just because Kobetobiko denigrated Alta -- but I really meant to say Casa Mono up there. :) I've never been to Alta, so I can't comment. Casa Mono is very good. (But, as Kobetobiko mentioned, it's very crowded. You'll need a reservation.)

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          I agree, Alta is wonderful. We had amazing brussel sprouts there.

        2. Boqueria for more traditonal spanish tapas
          Suba (Boqueria's sister restaurant) specializes in more contemporary spanish tapas.
          Degustation serves tapa (more like small plates) with both french and spanish influences

          Casa Mono has intense, bold flavors and it is extremely crowded and noisy.
          Alta is fun for group with more "approachable" with simple tapa options

          1. Pipa in the ABC Carpet & Home store is a hair below 23rd St. I'd skip it, though, and go to Boqueria instead. Better IMO.

            1. If you are familiar with tapas, then I would recommend Casa Mono as well. One of the smallest dining areas I've seen so plan accordingly, but I believe it should be experienced. Per our server, the its the largest spanish wine list in the country.

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                  Adding Boqueria--had a great meal there tonight. Snowpeas w/bacon, croquettas, loup de mer, and quail egg/chorizo toasts all very good, as well as the mousse and churros for dessert.

                2. Bar Carrera is pretty good too. 11th st and 2nd ave

                  1. Tia Pol is pretty awesome, although you'll have to wait awhile for a table.

                    1. I am very impressed with both Tia Pol and Boqueria, our "go to" for delicious tapas,Spanish that is.

                      1. I really like La Paella on E 9th St. Alta is also great. I'll have to try some of these other places!

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                          I really really hate Pipa. I love Boqueria! Sometimes through it's not very true to tradition, I like Sala at Bowery and Great Jones.

                        2. I like Oliva on Houston @ Allen. The food is yummy, the atmosphere is that of a place that begs to be smoked in, and reminds me of hot nights in Barcelona, especially when they have live music. The service is ok, but nothing to rave about.

                          Also Las Ramblas on West 4th between Cornelia and Jones. The service is great and down-to-earth. The red Sangria is delicious. It's a little cramped though.

                          Neither place will break the bank, but could depending on how much you like to drink

                          1. I've gotta be honest, I'm really picky about my tapas. I think too many places try to f&*K with the originals. Sometimes I just want traditional tapas - nothing fancy, nothing 'reinvented'. My favorite places for this has been, as mentioned earlier, La Paella and a very small place I tried recently, Las Ramblas on Bleeker. Give 'em a try for traditional tapas. amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

                              1. Xunta - simple and sloppy but cheap and fun
                                Carrera - delicious, recently expanded seating and great staff. the food here is suprisingly good but can be slow when the house is full
                                Oliva - going tonight, wish us luck
                                Las Ramblas - one of the most crowded restaurants i have ever seen in 15+ years living in Manhattan. food is really quite special, hosts are the best, and wine is exc. and reasonable
                                La Paella (not mentioned, E 9th St) - cozy atmosphere, sub par food
                                Euzkadi (not mentioned, E 4th S) - great Basque-style tapas, good wine list but bad bad service

                                1. How realistic is walking into Xunta on a Friday around 6:30 or 7 and getting a seat for 2 w/o a long wait?

                                  they don't take ressies for 2.

                                  1. how about tia pol on 23rd and 10th....doesn't get any better in my opinion in terms of tapas in NYC.


                                    if that doesn't work then Boqueria or Alta