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Jan 24, 2008 10:25 AM

Tapas below 23rd

please fill me in to the best tapas places below 23rd street.

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  1. I love Xunta in the East Village and Flor de Sol in Tribeca.

    1. Alta is a very good one. I haven't eaten my way around that area enough to know which one's best.

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        Not just because Kobetobiko denigrated Alta -- but I really meant to say Casa Mono up there. :) I've never been to Alta, so I can't comment. Casa Mono is very good. (But, as Kobetobiko mentioned, it's very crowded. You'll need a reservation.)

        1. re: cimui

          I agree, Alta is wonderful. We had amazing brussel sprouts there.

        2. Boqueria for more traditonal spanish tapas
          Suba (Boqueria's sister restaurant) specializes in more contemporary spanish tapas.
          Degustation serves tapa (more like small plates) with both french and spanish influences

          Casa Mono has intense, bold flavors and it is extremely crowded and noisy.
          Alta is fun for group with more "approachable" with simple tapa options

          1. Pipa in the ABC Carpet & Home store is a hair below 23rd St. I'd skip it, though, and go to Boqueria instead. Better IMO.

            1. If you are familiar with tapas, then I would recommend Casa Mono as well. One of the smallest dining areas I've seen so plan accordingly, but I believe it should be experienced. Per our server, the its the largest spanish wine list in the country.

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