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Jan 24, 2008 10:12 AM

see wee restaurant - charleston

Hi all

After spending much time agonizing over this, I have decided that I really must visit See Wee restaurant and if I need to rent a car to do it, I will. I admit it makes me rather nervous, but then again, I'm a nervous person in general; I'll get over it .....and for good, authentic food, I'll take my chances.

In my prior post about Charleston/Mt. Pleasant (from the end of December), Birgator had recommended renting a car for the day from the Hertz in Mt. Pleasant (they would pick me up, then drop me back downtown after I returned the car). That sounds like a reasonable plan. Is it easy to get to See Wee from Mt. Pleasant? I'm hoping for as straight and uncomplicated a drive as possible; I don't do so well with unfamilar areas and lots of twists and turns. I also recall a recommendation for Brookwood Gardens. Is that on Hwy 17? I'd rather stay as close to that road as possible.

As for See Wee itself, I've read that if you want the best choice of desserts, you need to get their early. For lunch, around what time would that be? 11:00 am? 12pm? I've heard their caramel cake is out of this world....... Actually, what I'm looking forward to most of all are the vegetables.......just reading the reviews about this place makes my mouth water. Any particular recommendations?

Thanks again for all of your help - I guess for food, I will do anything!

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  1. Betsy,
    The See Wee is only about 10 miles at most from Mt. Pleasant. It's on Hwy 17 which is the ONLY main highway so should be no problem. I think you're remembering Brookgreen Gardens which are at Pawley's Island, about another 50 miles up Hwy 17. It is well worth the drive, and is right on the highway. No twists or turns. In between is the quaint little town of Georgetown SC, which has a nice small, two or three block town center.

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      Hi JMurphy

      Thanks! That's good to know that it's an easy drive - it makes me feel better about renting a car.

      If I had the time, I would definitely consider going up to Brookgreen Gardens; as it stands, maybe I'll check out the Old Village section of Mt. Pleasant while I'm there.

      This is going to work out just great - thanks again!