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Best Eggs Benny in T.O

So far my fav. is @ Mars - Younge and Egg

Home fries are a very important side - Good combo @ Mars

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    1. re: chowgirls

      Sounds good - Put a spin on it

      eggs benedict:
      poached organic eggs, choice of:
      smoked salmon or brie on a thuet croissant
      with extra virgin olive oil hollandaise
      served with mixed greens $12

    2. I'm not a fan of Mars. I think it's expensive for diner food, and I don't like their Hollandaise sauce. I have had better Eggs Benny up the street at Alize's. Their Hollandaise is quite good. I've had decent Eggs Benny at CFood, but it's been a while since I've been there. I had a passable Eggs Benny at Amore, (also on Yonge north of Eg), and a good Eggs Benny at Soho Bistro (even further up the street). Now that I write this it looks as if I have eaten the same thing up one side of the Yonge and down the other. I'd be interested in other suggestions....

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      1. re: Maimonides

        Yes I will have to hit those places - living in the area makes it alot easier to do

        Thank you for the reply

      2. I like this thread! More suggestions please!

        The best one I have had lately (but not quite recently) is at Lion on the Beach, and it came with excellent home fries.

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        1. re: jinxed

          one of my faves is at Niagara Street Cafe. They use a biscuit instead of a english muffin - paired with hollandaise...yum

          1. re: professor plum

            I like the Bloor Street Diner for 'eggs benedict' but don't care for their potatoes....places with mediocre............Over Easy & Eggspectation.
            I don't make them myself but a friend who now lives in Quebec makes the 'gold standard' for me!! I miss her and her great cooking......

            1. re: pearlD

              I had a very good Eggs Benedict at Marvelous Edibles in Leaside:
              They use a thick brioche for the base of the Eggs Benedict. It's a small, cozy venue. I used to be a regular when I lived nearby. The Eggs Benny at Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview Village is passable, but just so. Alize's is better. I like the Eggs Benny at Cora's, but can't take the hassle of the line ups... I've had a decent Eggs Benny at Mileston's but again, nothing special. Now I really am worried that Eggs Benedict is all I eat and that I need to try something new... But I'm still open to suggestions for new Eggs Benny locations!

              1. re: Maimonides

                I have ha eggs benny at a place on college west (should remember the name, but don't) - used Prosciutto and had mixed greens as well

                they had home made chips with it - was a nice change from what I was used to @ Mars (greasy spoon)

                Alize's may have the same kind of spin on their eggs benny - walk by there every weekend

                Hope it's not rude looking at peoples plates - guess it a form of widow shopping/eating ha ha

                1. re: Maimonides

                  The benchmark for Eggs Benedict in this city is the version served at the Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons Yorkville. Next time you're in the mood to spend large at brekkie, give it a try.

                  1. re: Googs

                    will have to give it a try - eating at hotel resto's feels like a vacation for some reason

                    1. re: Googs

                      I definitely agree with you. Did you know that they do a weekend brunch also? It's priced really well at about $35 for an app and an entree plus coffee or tea and juice. My girlfirends and I had brunch there a last week and it was great. You have to try their chorizo hash with poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise. It's killer.

                    2. re: Maimonides

                      On your recommendation, my wife and I went to Marvellous Edibles last Saturday. How come I never heard of this place before? It is in our neighborhood, has an excellent menu and reasonable prices. We will be returning soon to try lunch and dinner menus. Anyway, my wife had Eggs Florentine. The spinach was masterfully sauteed with onions, garlic and a hint of nutmeg. My Eggs Benedict was likewise superb with a generous portion of ham, a base of 2 thick slices of brioche and perfect, silken hollandaise that was definitely homemade. Dishes were very filling and priced fairly at $9.50, coffee was strong, smooth and plentiful.

                    3. re: pearlD

                      I made them myself - made the mistake of using salted butter for the sauce, salt over powered the meal

                      Next time should be better - Yes, the quest to make the perfect eggs benny!

                    4. re: professor plum

                      Agreed! I've tried benedicts all over town and definitely Niagara Street has an excellent one. They always have a very fresh hollandaise too.

                      Before I've always thought highly of Sugar and Xacutti's benedicts but alas, they are no more...

                      1. re: artificialard

                        Xacutti is now Eleven at Front and Jarvis. Bf had the benny with smoked salmon and curry hollandaise and said it was good though an english muffin would have been a sturdier base than the croissant.

                  2. Gaylea's on the north side of Dundas 1 1/2 blocks east of Dufferin makes good eggs benny, if you can deal with the EXTREMELY lackadaisical service. I like that her hollandaise is a little on the lemony side.

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                    1. re: Davedigger

                      the sauce is very importent - I like it med. thickness

                      Some are to runny - some to thick

                      1. re: Jason JustRight

                        It's not too runny nor too thick. Just right. :)

                      2. re: Davedigger

                        Is there a website for this place? Googlr isn't giving me anything...

                        1. re: piccola

                          It's a tiny, family-run place, so I don't think they have a website. I also mis-spelled the name. It's Gayley's.

                          1424 Dundas Street West
                          Toronto, ON M6J 1Y5, Canada
                          (416) 538-3443‎

                          1. re: Davedigger

                            Thanks! Went today, had a great experience. It was almost empty, so we didn't have any issues with slow service, as some people have mentioned.

                      3. My buddy swears by Musa on Dundas, I've never been - I have benny sometimes at Insomnia on Bloor and it's pretty decent...
                        Used to be a place 5 or 6yrs ago on queen west in parkdale that did a 'surf and turf' benny - one w/grilled tiger shrimp the other w/filet' - swallow i believe it was called - boy do i miss that ; )

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                        1. re: dannyboy

                          I remember some place (maybe the Drake more than a year ago) that did a eggs benedict with duck. That was very much 'greater than the sum of its parts' kinda thing. Yum!

                        2. My favourite in the city has to be at Provence (in Cabbagetown) as part of their Sunday brunch. Don't know if they do Saturday brunch. Also, I seem to remember vaguely that they don't open until noon.


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                          1. re: mainja

                            Since Mars made the list, it should be fair to add Three’s Company at Pape and Danforth. Not the best in the city but certainly better tasting than what Mars served us at the Beach a few weeks ago. Mars did not toast the English muffin. Instead, drenched it in water dripping down from the eggs. The home fries, along with the presentation, were utterly forgettable.
                            Three’s Company serves a much appealing looking and tasting option in the east end. The English muffin is substituted with an in-house made cheese scone and the home fries are every bit of what they should be - seasoned, fresh and for added flavor and flair, contain sweet potato chunks. The Hollandaise is not home-made at either places but Three’s Company does a better job with its packet.

                          2. Has anyone tried the eggs benny at B? I tried but the french toast with brie and berries romanced me right off the bat.

                            2210 Dundas W
                            Toronto, ON M6R 1X3
                            (416) 533-2987

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                            1. re: Jax

                              I assume you're talking about the version with duck sausage? My most favourite take of eggs benny! Also loved the french toast fingers and the breads they use (no run-of-the-mill white/brown toast there). Can't wait to go back and try other menu items.

                            2. We go to a place at Charles and Yonge. The outside says Maggies, but inside the menu says Michael's..so not sure what it's called. But they make a mean Eggs Benny. They offer it with traditional hol sauce, but also with a Gypsy Sauce. This is a puree of carots, tomotoes, garlic and some other stuff but it's very tasty. Plated with this is fresh mixed fruit and spiced french fries.

                              The staff is super nice, the price is right, sometimes there's boxes stacked up in weird places so they're a bit spacially challenged. But man I get cravings for the Eggs Benny with Gypsy sauce and have to have it about once a month.

                              1. I quite like the Benny Boom with smoked salmon at, of course, Boom on College St. near Ossington. But I don't have a lot of experience with other places. Anyone else have an opinion on Boom?

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                                1. re: valuu

                                  Boom makes me really happy... something about the roasted tomatoes I think.

                                  1. re: valuu

                                    Recently visited the new Boom at Yonge & Eg and was disappointed, definitedly NOT homemade hollandaise on my overpriced Benny.

                                  2. Great thread, how about some suggestions in Richmond Hill/Markham?

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                                    1. re: Wil

                                      Blue Stone Bistro in Markham on 7 between Kennedy and McCowan makes a bennie that i quite enjoy. They have several different offerings and some of them come on a delicious rosti instead of the traditional english muffin.

                                      For fathers day the one year they had a special menu and I had a surf and turf eggs benedict. Filet mignon and lobster claw meat with the potato rosti base. yum.

                                      1. re: elrik

                                        I love bennies and I second Blue Stone Bistro for theirs. Seems to have gone downhill slightly since 2 years ago, but I'd still go there for their eggs florentine anytime (bennie + rosti + smoked salmon). Another killer item is the breakfast skillet...comes to the table sizzling. btw its on 7 between kennedy & warden, hidden in the back of a non nondescript strip mall.

                                    2. Dr. Generosity in Bloor west village. Great service and food. Try the Yam fries!


                                      1. check this out - today i went for brunch and for ten dollars i got...
                                        a quality fruit salad with homemade yogurt
                                        delicous eggs benedict on a whole grain english muffin (choice of backbacon or ham)
                                        & a choice of coffee (i-deal) with Irish cream whiskey or a mimosa
                                        that is the only thing made there, but it is pretty fantastic. nice details.
                                        it is a new thing at the Tranzac (on brunswick just south of Bloor) only on Sundays

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                                        1. re: chocohead

                                          Hi chocohead - I couldn't find Tranzac when I googled them. What are the portions like if you had all that for $10, did it come with home fries? When you say that's the only think made there, is the menu limited?


                                          1. re: red dragon

                                            Here's the link:

                                            Australia New Zealand Club
                                            292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                                        2. Thuet's is outstanding - a duo of eggs benny on mini croissant - one side with parisian style ham, the other with a cured salted prosciutto style ham, excellent salad.

                                          1. Le Petite Dejeuner @ 191 King Street East

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                                            1. re: Ron M

                                              so after reading about le petit dejeuner, and also blogTO had a piece about eggs benny at various places in the city and said it was good there, i tried it this week when i was in the area. i was disappointed, there wasn't much hollandaise, and what was there was a bit too tart and not at all creamy. the potato rosti side was ok, but had little to no flavour that i had to add a lot of salt and pepper (admittedly that is better than it being too salty). my poached eggs were also not very hot, so eating runny egg yolks that are more on the coolish side was not the tastiest.

                                              that being said, service was great, i like the space, and i would probably go back and try something else, maybe the waffles.

                                              1. re: auberginegal

                                                Enjoy lining up outside of Petit Dejeuner when it's 10 below and snowing. And enjoy your breezy table as they allow patrons to hover in the open door waiting. The line-ups only indicate that the place is small and bears no relevance on the quality or lack thereof. I've said it before: I will not line-up for anything let alone my first meal of the day. I have never understood what would compel anyone to give this place a good review.

                                                1. re: Googs

                                                  well, luckily for me, since i did not go on a weekend, there was no line up. i'm sure i'd definitely reconsider going back if i had had to wait. even a place like bonjour brioche, which had decent food (though as others also reported, usually bad service), because of the wait, it ends up not that appealing to me.

                                                  are there any good places you'd recommend Googs (either without too much lining up, or it's worth the wait)?

                                                  1. re: auberginegal

                                                    Not in that neighbourhood in the Eggs Benedict category. Diners yes, fine diners no. Not yet at least. I haven't tried the Benny at *shudder* Eggscellent on the northeast corner of Jarvis & Front yet. (Really... where do they come up with these monikers? Eggcruciating.) Hoping it's better than it's name as I really must get out of the habit of going to the SLM starving.

                                                    1. re: auberginegal

                                                      Had Eggs Norwegian at Joy Bistro on Queen E on Sunday... Benny with smoked salmon, it was delicious.

                                                      I don't eat much hollandaise so I'm far from a critic, but Joy's is quite lemony which was nice with the salmon. Service left something to be desired though.

                                                      Joy Bistro
                                                      884 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1J3, CA

                                                  2. re: auberginegal

                                                    i definitely prefer their waffles over their bennies...love that place!

                                                2. One of my favourites is The Terminal on the North East corner of Danforth and Coxwell. Be prepared though, because the portions are massive. You get 3 eggs instead of the usual 2 and about a cup of their hollandaise sauce. The homefries are some of the best I've ever had.

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                                                    1. re: bogie

                                                      Me and a friend had Sunday brunch in the Studio Cafe @ the Four Seasons.

                                                      My friend ordered the Eggs Benny and said it was the best Eggs Benny he has ever tasted (and he's quite the critic!). :)

                                                  1. I can't believe no one's mentioned Mitzy's on Sorauren yet! That is definitely one of the best. They don't always serve hollandaise, but they do have tasty sauces like roasted tomato sauce on fresh toasted bread. Their homefries are also some of the best in the city. A bit salty and a bit sweet with onions and herbs.

                                                    Another great place is Toast on Queen East. The service is pretty atrocious, but I see that as a trend in Toronto breakfast places. Their potatoes are grated and a bit spicy, I like them too. (Not as much as Mitzy's). Notable too is their 1000 secrets tea. You must try that.

                                                    Finally, back to Roncesvalles. Easy Cafe at the end of Queen West and the bottom of Roncesvalles is delicious. Their "West Coast Toast" comes with salmon and caviar! On an aside, they have an amazing peanut butter and coffee smoothie. A meal in itself.


                                                    Mitzy's: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/51/129...
                                                    Easy: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/184/38...
                                                    (Don't have one for Toast)

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                                                    1. re: gringogidget

                                                      Is Easy's Egg Benny only available on the weekends? I'm always looking for spots that serve brunch-y foods on the weekdays.

                                                      1. re: gringogidget

                                                        I love the eggs benny at Toast...I made the mistake of deviating and ordering the flapjacks and was dissapointed, eggs benny is what they do best. I wouldn't call the service "atrocious" - it's a bit slow because they're understaffed and it's fairly busy.

                                                        My other fave is Niagara Street Cafe which others have mentioned...I'd go more often if I lived closer!

                                                        1. Thuet (now Bite me) on King St. is amazing.

                                                          1. I know its a chain and all.. but Eggspectation's (on Yonge, basically attached to the mall, in between dundas and queen) has never dissapointed me in the eggs benny department. Nice strong flavour for the sauce and a TON of different variations available..

                                                            Also - for a more quaint place - La Palette in Kensington has a delicious french twist on eggs benny - on a croissant, with frites and mayo

                                                            1. Mildred Pierce is back and so are my favourite eggs benny! The crisp herbed potatoes are absolutely the best I had for breakfast.

                                                              1. Was pleasantly surprised with a perfect plate of eggs benny at The Peartree on Parliament a couple of weeks ago. Perfect! Egg yolk just runny enough, white tender and cooked; english muffin toasted, sauce yummy and not that awful fake bright yellow stuff so often served.
                                                                For good, big, consistent and fast - The Terminal on Danforth, the homefries rock!

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                                                                1. re: capetowngirlie

                                                                  I think you might be a Cabbagetown girlie too. You might want to try JamCafe on Carlton about one block or so west of Parliament for variations on Benny. Much nicer resto than Peartree.

                                                                2. had great eggs benny at the oliver and bonacini restaurant in Oakville Place. It was fathers day. the place was packed but the food and the service were both top notch.

                                                                  1. I've tried nearly every spot in the Yonge and Eglinton (midtown Toronto) area for good eggs benny, and the best BY FAR I've had to far is the new-ish "La Gourmand" just south of Yonge and Eglinton (beside The Keg).
                                                                    They have a sweet little patio that's just far enough back from the sidewalk that the gawkers aren't all up in your face during brekky (a particular annoyance of mine, especially when nursing a hefty hangover).
                                                                    You can tell they make the hollandaise from scratch, thick and rich but cut with a hint of lemon to freshen it up, hearty slice of lean pemeal bacon perched on a delicate but sturdy fresh croissant (also baked in-house). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fresh fruit that flanked the benny, since typically the fruit side is a soggy afterthought. Plump strawberries and melon were ripe and delectable.
                                                                    Just excellent all around, and doesn't leave you with the heavy 'food baby' like the eggs benny at, say, Golden Griddle or Mars Diner, might.
                                                                    My only complaint is that the patio area seemed under-staffed and we had to wait several minutes to get the server's attention and prompt for the bill a few times. Also our food came before our drinks... but i'm willing to overlook that due to the scrumptious brunch that was not over-priced for the hard-to-find high quality!

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                                                                    1. re: amycakes22

                                                                      i didn't have high expectations for the eggs benny at le gourmand, but also found it pretty good, and just as you've described above. compared to le petit dejeuner, i'd definitely pick the le gourmand version to have again (as i mentioned in a post above from last november, the one at le petit dejeuner was a lot thinner and a tad too tart). i sat indoors and also felt service was spotty, but pleasant. also my dining companions had the lemon ricotta pancakes and really enjoyed those, i might try them if i visit again.

                                                                    2. Steve's restaurant @ wilson and bathurst

                                                                      I love the smoked salmon benedict, the eggs and sauce is just right. The potatoes/home fries are good too. Be sure to go on brunch hours eventhough its an all day breakfast. And its only $10 and it includes tea or coffee. Also try the berrie smoothie, omg yum!!

                                                                      3788 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M3H3M9, CA