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Jan 24, 2008 09:53 AM

Fumio in Livingston apparently re-opening as kosher

Fumio, an Asian steakhouse (with sushi bar), is apparently going to reopen kosher in the very near future. There was a big sign up on the building (right around the corner from the kosher Subway),

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  1. This is GREAT news. We could really use a quality sushi place in the area. Any info on when they will be reopening?

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    1. re: Hirscheys

      The sign said something like, "stay tuned for our grand opening soon."

      1. re: DeisCane

        An acquaintance ate there at a pre-opening dinner for friends of the owner this past week, and he said that they'd hopefully be opening at some point this week.

        1. re: GilaB

          Friends ate there last night and said the food was very good. Presented beautifully , sevice attentive. Looking forward to the opening.

          1. re: queensgirl55

            Supposedly, they opened last night for dinner. Hope the service and food is just as good when they get bombarded with customers the first few weeks.

            1. re: jaickyt

              Correction - According to the Vaad of Metrowest NJ, they are opening February 13th.

      2. re: Hirscheys

        Friends ate there Motzai Shabbat and said the sushi was fab (though not a huge selection of fish--okay, they're just ramping up) and steaks delivered to neighboring tables looked nice and thick. It's BYO; dinner for two with tax and tip about $70. And yes, let's hope they are professionals who know how to run a restaurant when it's busy!

        1. re: Foodie18

          Those are promising signs. Sushi on motzei shabbat should be a small selection, imo.

          1. re: Rose7239

            We finally got to try Fumio last week and I couldn't agree more. Sushi was great quality and the seafood salad was out of this world AND a huge portion. The Beef Tatake was excellent, as was the soup of the day (a turnip soup). All the portions were very generous - we ended up wrapping some food to go because we could not finish it all! And the owner is very gracious and they are clearly making every effort to provide good service. It is still new so there were a few places it was apparent that they are still getting acclimated, but they seem to be off to great start. We are really excited to have a place like this in the neighborhood!

            1. re: Hirscheys

              Are they open for lunch? Any plans to do so, if not?
              Is there a website?


              1. re: rruben1

                They are open for lunch, but Sushi only this week. Owner told me they hope to have a full kitchen for lunch beginning next week. Call them for updates.

              2. re: Hirscheys

                How would you compare Fumio to Sushi Metsuyan?
                I'd be curious to know if the new Jewish management
                was able to keep their hands on the previous staff.

                1. re: Joe Berger

                  The sushi is better than Metsuyan, the restaurant not as cramped, will take reservations (my understanding is Metsuyan will not for small parties) and the service is better. if you live in the area, save the hour plus round trip to Teaneck and go to Fumio's.

            2. re: Foodie18

              I went out to eat with my family tonight to Fumio. I called in advance to ask if its a child freindly place; I was told yes. When I got there I realized this was not true. They had no food for children, and the food we ordered was salty. I also noticed that the tip was included which I did not have had a problem with except it was not written on the menu. All in all it was a very dissapionting night out.

              1. re: greenblum3

                What does 'child friendly' mean to you? To me, it means that they will provide a high chair, and isn't the sort of hushed restaurant where a child would seem out of place. I don't care about whether they provide chicken nuggets on their menu; if your child only eats chicken nuggets or hot dogs, you need to ask specifically whether they provide that, and not assume that 'child friendly' means 'we serve children the processed junk they've come to expect.' However, I haven't been to Fumio, and can't comment on their food.

                1. re: GilaB

                  They in fact did not have a high chair and people were getting nervous when the children were talking. To me that is not a child freindly place and that makes it unenjoyable for me as well. As far as the food I never care I orderd ribs for the kids. The point was I called in advance for these reasons.

                  1. re: greenblum3

                    No high chair=not kid friendly, for sure. However, I would say that you should have asked, "do you have high chairs?"

                    1. re: DeisCane

                      I most certainly did; the waiter who answered the phone was shocked when we got to the table and asked for the high chair that they did not have one. He has assumed that they did; they treid to bring a booster seat that attaches to the chair, but it did not work. I am always so careful before I go because Its five of us and if its not kid freindly the night is a nightmare.

                      1. re: greenblum3

                        Well, that's just stupid on their part. Assumptions like that are stupid and not having a high chair is stupid.

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              1. Went again last night and had another really good experience. Really good food and some nice additions to the menu, The carpaccio is not listed but ask for it - it is excellent. They are really friendly and eager to please. We'll be back.

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                1. re: Hirscheys

                  we went for lunch today-spent $45 with tax for fish and chips, sushi lunch-3 types of suhi rolls-2 of them combo rolls-and dessert. We had a nice time and will go back

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