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Jan 24, 2008 09:51 AM

Where would you take Anthony Bourdain?

There's another thread running about "Where would AB go?" in the area, but as somebody pointed out, he would likely go where the handlers scouted.

So, let's make that small, but potentially enlightening shift. Suppose you got a phone call saying "This is Tony Bourdain. I'm in town, and somebody told me you know the good places to eat. Wanna go someplace?"

Where would you take him? Assume the expense account is covering it, even though AB strikes me as the sort who is just as likely to enjoy low-buck places as high end.

And note, your answers should not only reflect your impressions of the kind of places that AB would like, but also which place you feel would be worthy of his attention. For example, some might consider it a challenge to find a vegetarian place (or a place serving vegetarian dishes) that AB would like!

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  1. Crazy John's on the Block for lunch, Koco's for dinner for crabcakes, Brewer's Art after for beer and fries.

    1. A good crab shack for crabs and beer but one that has outdoor seating so he can smoke.

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      1. re: Dakota Guy

        He quit smoking because of his daughter .. I think I read it on here, but may have been another interview. You'll notice it doesn't show up as much in the show (if at all) and he has tapered off completely since then.

        1. re: aletnes

          He said the same thing when he spoke at the Lisner at GW a few months ago. But hey, it might be tempting with crabs, beer, and a warm outside setting.

      2. Similar to the other thread I would take him to Faidley's for a crabcake if it were in season for MD blue crab.

        I would also take him to the Lebanese Butcher.

        He said he gave up smoking in his talk and a few interviews now.

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          mmmm Lebanese Butcher? More info please

          1. re: photographicality

            The Lebanese Butcher is in Falls Church off Lee Hwy kind of I don't know the exact intersection name. It is a butcher shop that has good lamb, beef and other meats and the restaurant which has great Lebanese food. I think the quality of the meat there is far better than many Lebanese places.

            Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
            109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

            1. re: ktmoomau

              I took a Leb friend there some time ago. He reported to me the other day that in terms of MidEast markets, there's a much bigger one behind Leb Butcher.

              I haven't made it by yet - anyone else have info on this?

              1. re: Dennis S

                Make no mistake about it. I have been to all of them and I am certifiably Lebanese. Mediterranean Gourmet Market on Franconia Road in Alexandria is Bourdain material -- yes, I love Lebanese Butcher, and yes, I guarantee that George Azar's Mediterranean Gourmet Market is the hands-down Bourdain destination.

                I own all of Anthony Bourdain's books, including his dark novels and his tribute to Typhoid Mary. The guy can write and he has a Hunter Thompson side to his literary talent. He would enjoy Lebanese Butcher. He would rave about Mediterranean Gourmet Market and he would return there every day he's in the DC area.

                1. re: BigEats

                  So do you know the name of the one BEHIND Leb Butcher? If so, what are your thoughts on it? My Leb friend said it had things he thought he'd never find in America (not sure what exactly).

        2. This is a fun approach to discussing your local restaurants, but please do keep the responses focused on local restaurants, rather than just general trends or in depth discussion of Anthony Bourdain himself. Thanks!

          1. If I remember correctly, there used to be a great Mexican dive/biker bar in laurel called Tippy's tacos or Toucan tacos....