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Jan 24, 2008 09:30 AM

Simply Fondue (DFW)

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on this restaurant. I've been in Austin for fourteen years but there was a Simple Fondue in Addison when I lived in that area. Is this the same group? Does this place compare favorably to the Melting Pot?

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  1. I have not been to the Melting Pot, so i can't really compare, but i have been to the Simply Fondue in Lewisville. I don't know if this is the same group. I looked at their locations, and they didn't list an Addison location. I know Melting Pot has a location on Belt Line. Anyway, when i went to Simply Fondue, it was almost empty. We did the four course house special for two cooked in the traditional style. I know we got chicken, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp...and i honestly can't remember what else because i had a few too martinis that night. I did like this place a lot, but my judgment might have been a little clouded. It never seems busy when i pass it.

    1. I've eaten at both within the last 6 months, and I (and three others) prefer Simply Fondue in Lewisville. The ingredients were better quality and better prepared, and the spice packages were better.


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        I agree - I like Simply Fondue much better than Melting Pot. They definitely have more choices than MP.

        (Simply Fondue used to be where the Melting Pot is now in Addison.)

      2. Both are a GYP! Avoid them unless you want to impress someone with overpaying for affected service and mediocre grub. Yeech!