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Jan 24, 2008 09:06 AM

West Village favorites near the Lortel Theatre?

Looking for recommendations for excellent food about $40-50 pp pre theater during the week? Last time we went to Little Owl loved it; another person took us to Cowgirl--- hated it. Thanks in advance for all your input!

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  1. Snack Taverna, August, Crispo, Market Table, Jane, Lupa, Po, 'ino... lots of options in the area.

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    1. re: Lucia

      In addition to Po, you might also want to try Le Gigot or Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia Street. Food is delicious. Not sure how you define "excellent."

    2. Any knowledge of Dell'Anima?
      Went to Crispo last night and thought it was just ok, even though several raves about it on this site.

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      1. re: citified

        I went to Crispo recently based on the raves on this board. Good food, large portions, value priced. I prefer smaller spaces and Crispo is large and can be noisy.

      2. I like Malatesta - a bit below your pp but solid and cozy.

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        1. re: harrison

          Right on Hudson, I like Alfama and Da Andrea.

          1. re: simetrias

            I heartily agree with the Da Andrea suggestion. Really good Italian cuisine.

        2. I'd have to agree with Snack Taverna based on location, quality & price point you're seeking.

          1. We love Market Table but it's small and popular so make sure you reserve.