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James Gate, J.P.

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Anyone ever been??

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  1. Great little cozy winter place with a nice working fireplace in the middle. Fish and chips are good, and they do pour a very nice Guiness.

    1. A good Shepard's Pie! Cozy spot.

      1. Order from the pub menu. The dining room menu is a little too ambitious for the kitchens abilities.

        1. It's one of my fav spots in all of Boston on a cold winter's night.

          1. It's James's Gate and I always liked the dining room side. Very family oriented with great mashed potatoes and quieter music selection than the pub side. Also of note, there is a parking lot.

            1. We were there last weekend and it was fine. The fireplace is indeed nice on a cold winter's night. We had cod cakes, fish and chips, shepherd's pie and turkey burger (me). Everyone was very happy with their food except me. The turkey burger was a little dry and unsatisfying, my own fault for TRYING to diet. I've had the other items were are excellent. All this plus 4 drinks and tip was $70. very reasonable and a nice neighborhood place that we can walk to.

              1. I've always had good meals and friendly service. Prices are reasonable.