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Jan 24, 2008 08:53 AM

Dinosaur BBQ NYC

I went to school in NC and have experienced some of the country's best over the years. I was skeptical about the potential to get good BBQ in NYC based on my recent experiences, which other than Smoke Joint in Brooklyn, which is good, were largely forgettable and paled next to NC. I finally went to Dinosaur yesterday after a meeting on 125th, and I was pleasantly surprised. Helpful friendly staff, good service, and yummy BBQ. I had a sampler which featured outstanding chicken, not dry or stringy, good chopped pork ( a bit sweet but good), and excellent ribs, along with delicious sides and cornbread. Excellent selection of dipping/hot sauces too. I will be going back, but I know it gets crowded!!!

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  1. I really like Dinosaur BBQ! I try to make a reservation on otherwise you will have to wait a long time to get a table. I highly recommend the wings and the ribs!!!! Dinosaur is my favorite place in NYC to get BBQ ribs!

    1. I'm with you, jbhnyc. I grew up on good southern (TN) barbecue and was pretty reluctant to try Dinosaur for fear of being disappointed. Maybe it's b/c I went in there with such low expectations, but I walked out thinking it was pretty good! Ribs aren't as meaty as I like them, but the brisket is tasty.

      Do they have a NC style bbq on the menu? I haven't seen or tried it.

      On a somewhat related side note, I used to like Daisy May's, but for some reason, I've had terrible luck at the midtown cart as of late, and it's turned me off to the restaurant. That leaves Dinosaur as my favorite bbq place in the city. Much better than Blue Hill and RUB IMO.

      1. Dinosaur is very good. Worth the trip uptown.

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          Dinosaur is great. The original one is in Rochester NY and then the second on is in Syracuse. I went to Syracuse undergrad and ate there all the time. It was even better in Syracuse than it is in NYC, but its still pretty solid here and I'm glad they finally opened it. Would have preferred if it was a bit further downtown, but you can't have everything...

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            I've been to the Rochester Dinosaur many times and always had a blast. Great food but also live music and dancing. Good time. Not sure how the NYC version stacks up.

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              Given the price of the food, its the biggest freaking space in almost all of Manhattan! To me, that seems telling that they would be able to afford rent, even up where they are.

              There BLT sandwich is amazing, made with a fried green tomato.

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                I agree.. The Manhattan version doesn't hold a candle to Rochester and Syracuse. But then again, this thread isn't about the upstate locations.

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                Brooke-not trying to be picky, but the original is in Syracuse, not Rochester

            2. I went there the other night and was a little disappointed. Ordered takeout instead of eatiting there because the line was just way too long. The hostess said it would be about a 2 hour wait. Ordered the sampler that came with a half chicken, half a rack of ribs and half pound of brisket. Maybe because it was take out but i started eating as soon as I walked back to my car so the food was still hot. The chicken was a tad dry but the flavor was pretty good. The ribs were pretty good but the brisket was like a hockey puck. It was dry and not very tasty and I don't like the suace they put on it. The wango tango wings were pretty good too. I would give it another try so I can try to get a table but definately will never order the brisket again.

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                DH actually thinks the pulled pork is their best dish.

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                  I am not a fan of this place. Not sure what the appeal is. I think of it as the Dallas Jones of the new Millennium.

                2. Love this place crave their wings and eggs also great beer selection