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Jan 24, 2008 08:35 AM

rebecas in Greenwich - advice pls

im thinking of trying rebeccas, ive never been.... id love to hear from people that have ate there... is it over priced or worth it... stuffy or relaxed..... ect.. let me know and or any suggestions for a good dinner in the greenwich area ( no itialin pls thanks )

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  1. Been there about 4 times. The food is good, but I find the place a bit pretentious. The tables are extremely close together and I do believe it is on the pricey side. We've enjoyed the scrambled egg with caviar served in the eggshell, the lobster and risotto is very good, the dover sole is very good. I guess all the food is very good, it's just not the type of place we find ourselves returning to again and again. Gaia in Greenwich is fun with good food.

    1. Search in Tristate board. Tons of Rebecca's reviews.