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Jan 24, 2008 08:30 AM

Funky&Fun Rec Needed

I'm taking my very mature teenage sister out to dinner this saturday, I don't care much for the actual location as long as it's south of the theater district (both her and I are big fans of both LES&LWS), I'd prefer contemporary but we both enjoy italian, japanese, and chinese as well. I want something funky, fun, and definitely not fancy. Good food of course is a must and lets try to keep the total bill below $90, neither of us will be drinking.

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  1. She might enjoy Chinatown Brasserie - we went for the first time this weekend:

    Their website - - has menus and photos - we spent a lot more than you are looking for - but had drinks and a bottle of wine, and a lot to eat.

    1. How about esperanto on 9th? and B?. LOTS of fun....good food, fun atmosphere. Theres also the sunburnt cow on C (8th?) and Yucca ( 1st and A- that ones for sure) :)

      theyre all funky, serve pretty good food and have fun, casual atmspheres....

      1. Try Smith's or Shorty's 3.2. For the eastside, there is always mercadito or perbacco.

        1. Esperanto is a pretty fun place and you won't come near $90 with no drinks - actually at most places on the LES you'll be hard pressed to top $90 with no drinks. Bondi Road is a really funky place and I think the fish is fantastic. Spitzers has a cool vibe, if you were going for beers I'd say 100% go there. Freemans might fit the bill perfectly.

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            For great Italian food and a fun scene I recommend Crispo.

          2. You can try Otto for Italian. The desserts (gelato) will make the trip well worth it.