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Funky&Fun Rec Needed

I'm taking my very mature teenage sister out to dinner this saturday, I don't care much for the actual location as long as it's south of the theater district (both her and I are big fans of both LES&LWS), I'd prefer contemporary but we both enjoy italian, japanese, and chinese as well. I want something funky, fun, and definitely not fancy. Good food of course is a must and lets try to keep the total bill below $90, neither of us will be drinking.

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  1. She might enjoy Chinatown Brasserie - we went for the first time this weekend:


    Their website - www.chinatownbrasserie.com - has menus and photos - we spent a lot more than you are looking for - but had drinks and a bottle of wine, and a lot to eat.

    1. How about esperanto on 9th? and B?. LOTS of fun....good food, fun atmosphere. Theres also the sunburnt cow on C (8th?) and Yucca ( 1st and A- that ones for sure) :)

      theyre all funky, serve pretty good food and have fun, casual atmspheres....

      1. Try Smith's or Shorty's 3.2. For the eastside, there is always mercadito or perbacco.

        1. Esperanto is a pretty fun place and you won't come near $90 with no drinks - actually at most places on the LES you'll be hard pressed to top $90 with no drinks. Bondi Road is a really funky place and I think the fish is fantastic. Spitzers has a cool vibe, if you were going for beers I'd say 100% go there. Freemans might fit the bill perfectly.

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            For great Italian food and a fun scene I recommend Crispo.

          2. You can try Otto for Italian. The desserts (gelato) will make the trip well worth it.

            1. Gyu-Kaku is fun. Tapas can be fun - Kuma Inn, Kasadela, maybe even Sakagura would be in your price range.

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                  Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese barbeque where each table has a built in grill in the center. The grill items come out raw, marinated in your choice of sauce and you grill them up. I've only ordered items to grill but the menu alos has other options. The atmosphere is kind of hip and the patrons tend to be on the younger side, at least at the EV location. I think it's something that's fun and interactive, a teenager would definitely like it - even a mature one. www.gyu-kaku.com