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Kuma's Corner in Avondale

i am not from the Chicago area, but i will be there the weekend of the 2nd for a concert, so i was wondering how good this restaurant was? i understand that its sandwiches and probably basic pub food, but was wondering if its worth making a stop at?

any feed back would be greatly appreciated! i did a search, but only came up with Kuma Inn.

:) thanks!

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    1. I haven't been there but saw a review on Check Please, a local restaurant review show. The review was quite favorable. The only thing that would hold me back is the music they play...slash metal. Not that Barry Manilow is what I listen to but I like to hear myself think while I eat. That said, the sandwiches looked delicious and I wouldn't call the menu basic pub grub. Surely they have a website that you could look at?

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        yeah, they did! i was just hoping to be able to find out here first, since i was here looking at the blogs. and you're right, its not really pub grub at all! i was told that it had a 'pub atmosphere' .. which is why i made the assumption. thanks for the help though! loud music can be distracting, definitely.

      2. My wife and I had dinner there recently and I was disappointed in the quality of the burgers (the dominant menu item). One was overcooked, neither was anything special. On the plus side, the staff is very friendly and the place has a lot of character. But there are many more interesting options.

        1. The Kuma Burger is pretty amazing! It's topped with warm greens, a light dressing, and a mini sunny side up egg (quail perhaps?). Love it!
          The outdoor patio is quite nice during the summer months....oh how nice that sounds.

          1. I live in the 'hood so my husband and I frequent Kuma's fairly often. If you are a lover of burgers, you should definitely try it. I've never been disappointed in the food. Staff is always friendly, although--to other posters' points--sometime the music is way too loud. That being said, I still love the place and must get my Kuma-burger fix every couple of weeks. By the way, I'm so disappointed (selfish, I know) that this place was on Check, Please, because now it is so crowded. Good for the owners though!

            1. It's great, but you will definitely have a wait for a table. They have been very crowded since being on Check Please. Once the back garden opens up again in the summer, that will help a lot.

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                Good point -- the beer garden in back is very nice and relaxing. A great spot to savor their terrific burgers.

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                  i will definitely keep that in mind. we won't have much time to eat, so i may have to put this off until my next trip up!

                2. And beware the Check Please curse - because they're so crowded now, even if you can get a seat the service and food may have slipped a bit. The problem usually corrects itself within 6 months.


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                    I think your right about the food has slipped a little bit. I used to go there a lot but havent been there since the check please episode aired and when I got there on a Saturday at 2:30 I was shocked to see how many people were there. I waited 35 minutes (I never had to before) for a table and ordered the calamari and Led Zepplin. The calamari didnt taste the same and neither did the burger. It was still good, dont get me wrong. I will still go there. Just saying the food doesnt taste like it used to. Its a little off. But I'm happy the place is doing so well. Cant wait for the summer to sit outside there

                  2. I haven't been since they appeared on Check Please, but I have always enjoyed my visits in the past. My husband works in the area so we have met their for lunch on several occasions, and the food was really impressive and varied. Not at all traditional pub food, but not stuffy or pretentious either. The staff has always been really cool to us, even though I have no piercings and all my tattoos are covered by my clothes. I say go.