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Jan 24, 2008 08:21 AM

The Pink Door?

My sister and I want to take my Mom, her husband and our boyfriends out to dinner at the Pink Door in Seattle this weekend. Any Reviews?? We thought the Burlesque show might be something fun, different and entertaining. Any info would be great! Thanks!

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  1. I think it's an amazing place to take people from out of town. I've often taken family there, my grandparents still talk about it to this day. The food is good (I love the lasagna and the gnocchi) and the nice thing is that there is always something to start up a conversation, either the servers, the decor or the shows going on. Call ahead, everytime I have went on a weekend, I've had reservations. If you can't get reservations, I've had good luck finding seats in the bar (full menu) if we get there early enough.
    Report back on what you think if you go :)

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      There are very few opportunities to live out a Toulouse Lautrec painting and the Pink Door offers one of them. Go, experience and enjoy.

    2. There was a recent review in either the Times or P-I. It's supposed to be quite good now that they have the former chef of the 35th St Bistro. For years before he came it WAS terrible--I'd go for drinks on the deck and even the simplest bar snacks were bad-but I'm looking forward to trying it now. Post a review if you go!

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        The new chef is Steve Smrstik, formerly of 35th St Bistro (as christy says above) and also formerly of Flying Fish. He's a fantastic chef.

      2. I've never had decent service at the Pink Door. It's always been rude-to-lousy for me. Food was always unremarkable. Never could get seated out on the patio, either.

        No longer care about going back, new chef or no.

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          It is exactly as hard to get a patio seat at the PD as it is to get outdoor seating anywhere else in town. Which means, if you are trying for happy hour on a gorgeous summer day, or Friday evening dinner, you either have to come early, late, or be very lucky. If you go during non-prime times/days, it's easy. I've been to the PD many times and never sat inside--when the food was bad the patio was the only draw, and I wouldn't have bothered with the inside.

          1. re: terrier

            Agreed. I've never had decent service at the Pink Door either. Their food hasn't ever been nearly good enough to make up for it, either.

            The only reason I'd consider going back is that they gave me a $70 gift certificate because I complained about how horrible the service was last time I ate there (in June 2007). Still haven't used the gift certificate and I work only a couple blocks away...

            1. re: akq

              If you give me your address, I will send you a SASE and relieve you of the pressure...