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Jan 24, 2008 08:21 AM

I am looking for an Authentic German Restaurant in the Cleveland Area, HELP!

Years ago for special occasions my parents used to take me Herzogs, a delightful authentic German restaurant. It has been replaced by Der Braumiester for many years now and the food is just not the same. Amish country does not provide the hit of German flavors I am after. The veal dishes, sausages, soups and breads that are traditional fare are what I am after. Anybody have any idea where I might go? I'd travel 50 miles for an authentic meal!

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  1. Well, the 2005 edition of Cleveland Ethnic Eats lists five German restaurants. There's the aforementioned Der Braumeister and Kuhar's which is takeout only. The Donauschwaben German American Cultural Center serves lunch five days a week. The guide calls Heimatland Inn the genuine article. The last is Henry Wahner's.

    Go on a German restaurant comparison binge and fill in this glaring hole in Chowhound's database.

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      I have been to Der Braumeister twice and they are very close to what I grew up eating. There was a Hofbrau House on the east side, but they closed some time ago.

      I was to Frank Sterle's Slovenian Country House once and enjoyed it. They may not be German, the cuisine and preparations are very similar.

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        Heimatland Inn sounds interesting. I'll have to give it a whirl. Thanks so much for the info!