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Visting from Toronto, tell me the must try's!

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Hello Hounds,

I am visiting from Toronto from Saturday through the following Sunday. So that gives me quite a few days to try out what Boston has to offer.

The group I am traveling with and myself are on a very strict budget, so we are looking for some great food, but affordable.

A couple things we are specifically looking for that we do not get enough of in TO are....Pizza, A Good seafood place and authentic Irish Pub's, and anything Latin. Especially in the Pizza category, since Toronto and good pizza should never be used in the same sentence. Any other places that you think an out of towner from Toronto should try would be welcome as well. Also some nightlife recommendations would also be great.

We are staying at the Hyatt in the Financial District, which is apparently close to Downtown Crossing. In addition we are going to the Bruins game against the Thrashers on Tuesday, so a recommendation on a good place to grab a drink and bit before game time in the area is appreciated.


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  1. I can only comment on the Pizza but not the Irish Pub or the seafood. Boston doesn't have great pizza either but here are some places that make good ones Iggy's Bread of the World bakery (Cambridge, right next to Fresh Pond), Figs (on Charles Street) and Cambridge One (in Harvard Square)

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      Disagree with joebelt's assessment here, and almost completely. Best Boston/Cambridge pizza places more or less in descending order are Pizzeria Regina (North End location only), Santarpio's (East Boston), Emma's (Cambridge near Kendall Square), Upper Crust (several locs), Pizza Oggi (Cambridge Harvard Square), Antico Forno and Galleria Umberto (North End), Picco (South End, also excellent ice cream).

      Am lukewarm on Cambridge One and do not like Figs at all. Have not tried the pizza at Iggy's, but very much like their sandwiches and breads. Iggy's Cambridge store is very hard to find, though, and a bit of a hike from the Alewife T stop.

      For seafood, would recommend Neptune Oyster (North End) or B&G Oysters (South End), though both are expensive. A good reasonably priced alternative is Dolphin Seafood near Harvard Square, while a good super cheap alternative with utterly, absolutely no frills is Morse Fish in the South End.

    2. For pizza, Regina's North End location only.

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      1. re: treb

        Regina is an institution that sells pizzas because of its name and history. If you want a touristy place for a pizza go there but don't expect good food (or service).

        1. re: joebelt

          I have to disagree...Regina's is popular for a reason - GOOD pizza! The fact that locals will put up with all the tourists and still wait in line to go there is testament to that fact.

          Another place I'd suggest for pizza is Santarpio's in East Boston (good place to stop on your way to the airport).

          Regina Pizza
          11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston, MA 02113

          Santarpio's Pizza
          111 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

          1. re: joebelt

            Completely totally disagree with joebelt as usual. The pizza at Regina's is the best! (Order well done if you like charred bubbles - yum!) And it's not just for tourists -- every time I stop into the North End location it seems like an equal mix of locals and visitors. Service can be variable, but if you are cool with them they are cool with you.

            1. re: yumyum

              And you disagree that Iggy's bakery, Figs or Cambridge 1 make good pizza, right?

              1. re: joebelt

                They don't make BAD pizza, but I certainly wouldn't recommend them to someone who is looking for some of the best Boston has to offer...once upon a time Figs would have been on that list for me, but my last few visits there have been a little disappointing. Also the prices at Figs and Cambridge1 are probably outside the OPs range.

                1. re: joebelt

                  I wouldn't send an out-of-towner chasing out to Iggy's, much as I like their stuff.

              2. re: joebelt

                ridiculous. I consider myself a pizza snob, have tried almost all of the great new york places, and a well-done pepperoni from Regina's is an absolutely outstanding pie for any city.

                1. re: joebelt

                  I completely disagree!! The north end location of Pizzeria Regina makes excellent pizza. I am actually eating a slice right now and can testify to it's fresh ample toppings and crunchy yet chewy crust (my work ordered in a dozen pies for a pizza lunch party....mmmm leftovers!).

                  For Latin, let me recommend Muqueca in Cambridge (little family run Brazilian family seafood restaurant worth the cab ride)

                  For Irish pubs, try The Grand Canal on Canal St. in Boston (down the street from the north station T stop ...which is on the same orange line as the downtown crossing T stop by your hotel). http://www.thegrandcanalboston.com/ho...
                  Also Atasca in Cambridge (larger pretty Portuguese place, also with great seafood) http://www.atascarest.com/

                2. re: treb

                  You have to go to Regina's Pizza. Regina's in the North End is a couple of blocks away from the Bruins game. You could hit it early, then hit one of the many Irish Pubs outside the Garden.

                  1. re: joebelt

                    I respectfully disagree with joebelt and concur with a previous poster that only the original Regina's location is chow-worthy. The old oven is what makes it. For Cind, the original poster (from my hometown no less), here are a few suggestions. Boston is less good for seafood than you might expect and the better places (Neptune Oyster (North End) and B&G Oyster(South End) are not cheap. One variation that might appeal to you is Moqueca (in East Cambridge), a Brazilian/Potuguese seafood place. For an Irish pub, again these are harder to find here than you would expect. There are old standbys like Doyles in Jamaica Plain, or Irish-like places like James Gate in Jamaica Plain,or CF Donovans in Dorchester. For food, River Gods in Cambridge and Publick House (Brighton) has good recs here (I've not been). Latin may be better here than in TO and may be your best bet for cheap. Angelas Cafe (Mexican) in East Boston has great feedback here and I need to go. There are a string of Dominican places in JP on Centre street near Jackson Square such as Yely's, Alex's Chimis,. Also Tacos Lupita for Salvadorean-mexican , in Cambridge. Have a nice visit.

                3. I second the suggestion for Cambridge 1 ( 27 Church Street) in Harvard Square in Cambridge- great real pizza with a thin crust, great arugula salad and a large picture window overlooking the old cemetery out back. Harvard Square will be an interesting place to check out as well.
                  For seafood, and especially oysters, B&G Oysters in the South End of Boston ( 550 Tremont Street).The best.
                  For an Irish Pub experience, hop on the Red Line of the metro, direction Alewife and get off at Davis Square- look on the main street for The Burren- great atmosphere, english/ irish style pub fare, and lively.Enjoy!

                  1. As you can see from these guidelines: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/467053, it's helpful to indicate specific monetary guidelines. What may be affordable to you may not be to someone else. And the other way around. Without that knowledge, I can only help narrow your search with a few search suggestions.

                    East Boston & East Cambridge offer a treasure of Latin restaurants. Search "East Boston" or "East Cambridge" for recommendations.

                    Search "seafood". Search "Irish Pubs". Search "near the garden" for recommendations before the Bruins game.

                    Happy searching!

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                    1. re: gini

                      The Burren would be one of the Irish pubs I would recommend if I'm pressed to do so. It does get very crowded on weekends.

                      Just avoid the Irish pubs around Faneuil Hall. Those are just trouble.

                      1. re: joebelt

                        I'd definitely recommend going to the Burren Sunday afternoon, that's a great time (they have a band and there are lots of famlies).

                      2. re: gini

                        Point taken, will do a search as well, but would still welcome people adding onto the thread as well.


                        1. re: Cind

                          Thanks for clarifying your price point below. It really helps - you have no idea.

                          While I'm not an Angela's groupie by any means, it's probably the best shot you'll get at Mexican in Boston, if you need some. Rincon Limeno has a far greater spot in my heart for awesome Peruvian. The aforementioned Moqueca in Inman Square is wonderful for Brazilian hot pots. East Boston also holds a number of great Columbian roast chicken places.

                          Please note that Neptune Oyster & B&G are sorely out of your pricepoint, unless you only want to order 5 oysters each. In terms of $15 seafood - you may want to try twin lobsters in ginger sauce at many of the local Chinatown restaurants, the Mount Vernon for the $19.99 twin lobster special, or some of the local bars like The Whiskey. Fried seafood is hard to find for that little money, but Summer Shack or No Name might fit within your price range.

                          Matt Murphy's in Brookline and The Druid in Inman Square are great little Irish pubs. Other bars with interesting food include Miracle of Science, Audobon Circle, River Gods (kimchee hand roll!) and Publik House.

                          I don't have a goto pizzeria in Boston, but Regina's is an institution and it's much less floppy than Santarpio's in East Boston. I actually think the pizza at Il Panino Express on Hanover isn't half bad. Pinnochio's in Harvard Square makes a great sicilian, if that's your thing.

                          1. re: gini

                            River Gods, good recommendation as well but expect a trendy crowd.

                            1. re: gini

                              Rincon Limeno has great ceviche and the other fish I've tried has been good too. Large portions, plan on sharing and you're easily in your price range. Sharing goes for Moqueca as well, in fact it goes for most of the inexpensive Latin-Am (and Portuguese) places in town. Seriously, one main can feed 2, a lot of the time. (Does not apply to Angela's.) Americans like big platefuls.

                        2. Obiviously the OP has a thing about Regina's. Read other posts for yourself.

                          For a good quick lunch you can try Galleria Umberto on Hanover St. in the NE but, get there early, when they run out of food they close. Also, there's Al Capones on Broad St, for a sub, one sub can feed 2 easily. If you want to be adventerous, Santarpio's has excellent pizza and grilled sausage.

                          Been to TO and know what you mean about pizza, terrible.

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                          1. re: treb

                            Regarding Galleria Umberto - by "go early" you should understand that means no later than about 12:30pm. They run out of arancini about 1:15, the other things (pizzette, panzarotti, Sicilian pizza, and calzones) run out gradually after that, and they close down by maybe 2. On top of that, the line is *long* - I've twice had it happen that I got there and waited about half an hour, only to have the last arancini go to the person in front of me.

                          2. Also to follow up on specific price ranges max $15 a person for a meal.

                            Will also do a search on Regina's because there doesn't seem to be a general consensus on the board.

                            Thanks for all the Rec's keep em coming!

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                            1. re: Cind

                              There is a general consensus on Regina's. It's great. 95% of the people on this board absolutely love it. Another pubby place with good food not too far from the Garden is Harvard Garden's in Beacon Hill. Other seafood options besides Neptune and b&g is Kingfish Hall in Fanueil Hall (though there is definitely not a consensus about that place). For latin food definitely Angela's. If you look on it's "place" link there are good directions on how to get there from the T. It's actually quite quick from downtown.

                                1. re: cambridgeMike

                                  Here's the Place link for Angela's:

                                  Angela's Cafe
                                  131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

                                2. re: Cind

                                  Another place that will fit into your budget for pizza is the Upper Crust on Charles Street. Similar to Pizzeria Regina but without the rude service, lines or the dirty room. Not as good as Iggy's, Figs or Cambridge 1 but a decent pizza.

                                  1. re: joebelt

                                    So the line snaking through the incredibly awkward room and out onto the street at times isn't actually considered a line at Upper Crust? Good to know. Oh, by the way, their pizza isn't bad, but the marinara sauce is so sweet I could make cookies out of it.

                                    1. re: gini

                                      As I said, it's not great pizza but it sure beats most of the crappy pizza joints in the city.

                                      PS: I have never experienced a line at Upper Crust though I'm sure like most successful places it will get crowded at rush hour on a Saturday night.

                                  2. re: Cind

                                    Cind, I hope you do read more about Regina's but do keep in mind that one person's chow nirvana is another's chow hell. Chowhound doesn't encourage everyone to think the same way and thank goodness it doesn't, because that makes room for everyone's opinions.

                                    It's tough, when you're a visitor to our town, and you want a "sure thing", but there's really no such thing, so my recommendation is to read as much as you can, and then try it for yourself. Hopefully you'll love it but you just might hate it- it's the chance you take with any meal, Chowhound-recommended or not. And then PLEASE report back to add more data to to pool for the next visitor with the same questions. Have a great visit!

                                  3. For the Latin recommendation, you're going to find nearly universal praise for Angela's Cafe in East Boston, and for good reason: I think it's hands down the best Mexican restaurant in Boston, and likely in New England. It's also fairly convenient for your location. Search the board and you'll find several enthusiastic threads.

                                    Seafood is tricky, because the high-end seafood places are all well out of your price point, and all the great inexpensive seafood places in Chinatown (Peach Farm or Jumbo Seafood, for example) are fundamentally similar to places you'd find on Spadina: you'll get fed well and inexpensively, but if you're really focusing on things you can't get easily in Toronto, they don't quite fit the bill on that front. Still, definitely worth a thought.

                                    1. Cind -- you're going to have a blast! For Irish pubs with good food try the Druid in Inman Square, the Plough and Stars on Mass Ave in Cambridge or Matt Murphy's in Brookline.

                                      You'll love pizza at Regina's especially if you order it well done for extra charry-ness.

                                      And for cheap "Latin" food you should make your way to Angela's. If it's very chilly, take a sweater. The only problem with the place is the cold. But being from Toronto you should be fine.

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                                      1. re: yumyum

                                        I'd go for Cuban food in JP since we're known for that. Get off at Jackson on the Orange line or take the 39 bus and try El Oriental de Cuba, Miami Cafe, La Pupusa Guanica, Alex's Chimi's. Brendan Behan's is there also, a local pub in the Irish vein that you're looking for. It's a little off the beaten track, but there's a fair amount of stuff in that block including the Milky Way bowling alley/rock club, a cute cafe, interesting video store and Zon's for fancy home cooking.

                                        I agree with Regina and Cambridge 1 for pizza and if you're in the Kendall Sq. area, I'd add Emma's. Great movie theater closeby.

                                        A $15 limit doesn't get you super far in general, but for fish, I'd try the Summer Shack happy hour which I think goes til 6:30 (then late at nite). For a meal, I'd go to Washington St. in the south end for Morse Seafood where you can get your fish fried or broiled (and probably other choices) for the best price in Boston. No atmosphere but you can get that with a drink at one of the places in the area and it's a cute section of town to walk thru. Try Pho Republique, Stella, Union, Rocca, etc. for a drink or maybe a small bite to keep within your range. You could also try Miami Restaurant or Orinoco for other latin influenced food in your price range.

                                        Down by your hotel is Silvertone, a fun bar/restaurant with reasonably priced good food, it's on Bromfield St. If you have time, you could walk over to the Paramount on Charles St. for breakfast (on a weekday when it's not crazy) and check out another cute area of town.

                                        1. re: Joanie

                                          Morse Seafood is an excellent call for cheap fried or broiled seafood.

                                          1. re: Joanie

                                            Would also add Tropical Cafe if it hasn't changed in the last few months. BTW, there's lots of diversity in JP. In addition to the Cuban places, La Pupusa Guanica is Salvadorean and Alex's Chimi's is Dominican, as is Tropical Cafe.

                                          2. re: yumyum

                                            Filling both the Latin and seafood requirements is the previously mentioned Rincon Limeno. Oh, man. Good stuff.

                                            Regarding the sauce on Upper Crust pizza: I like the sweet sauce. :-[

                                            Rincon Limeno
                                            409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

                                            1. re: Alcachofa

                                              Don't feel bad, Alcahofa! Upper Crust actually delivers out to the base in Lincoln and I eat is a couple times a month. The spinach ricotta pizza is great (cause it doesn't have any sauce!) and their calzones are fabulous. Wish they'd make me stramboli!

                                              By the way, the fisherman's platter at Rincon Limeno has a wonderful assortment of fried cod, squid, scallops and shrimp that surely fit two of the OP's requests, as Alcachofa pointed out.

                                              1. re: Alcachofa

                                                So RL has reopened? Did they annex the bar next door as was rumored & get a full license?

                                            2. It's not pizza but if you are close to downtown crossing you must try Chacarero's - Chilean Sandwiches. They are only open 11am-7pm on weekdays though. Also my fav bar/pub in that area is SilverTone, excellent comfort food and a nice vibe IMO. Enjoy Boston, I hope to visit Toronto again someday soon.

                                              26 Province Street
                                              Boston, MA 02108

                                              SilverTone Bar & Grill
                                              69 Bromfield St
                                              Boston, MA 02108

                                              1. As others have said $15 for seafood is tricky. One place that might work is the Salty Dog at Quincy Market (6 oysters or clams and a beer for $15), another is Charlies Kitchen in Harvard Square (lobster rolls, fried scallops, for $10), another might be to try Legal Seafood's famous clam or fish chowder, Legal also has a fried clam appetizer for less than $15, Summer Shack has something similar. Shino Express at Copley Square has sushi at $1/piece. The Daily Catch in the North End also might fit your budget.

                                                I'll second the recommendation for the Burren, a classic Irish bar is the Field at Central Square (less than 50yards from the T-stop, the food isn't great but the atmosphere is). The Black Rose by Quncy Market is another popular Irish bar. Near north Station I'd go to BeerWorks for beers. Bukowski's is another good beer spot with inexpensive food, but not at North Station (Hynes Convention Center stop).

                                                I'm not expert on the Latin American places and I'm not big on pizza so I can't add anything there, but other Hounds certainly will.

                                                1. Mr. Dooley's is a fun Irish Bar (77 Broad Street) downtown. I love going there on Sundays late afternoon for some chowder and a pint. They have live traditional music there too. I also love the Plough and Stars Irish Pub in Cambridge, but hate the Sunday band. It's loud, but great food and once again, great pints. Also, the Druid in Cambridge is another fun Irish pub.

                                                  Cambridge 1 is a good rec. for pizza. Fun location, but thepizzas aren't that filling so it's good for a lite lunch. Armando's Pizza (163 Huron Ave) in Cambridge is also very good. A little bit out of Harvard Square.

                                                  Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun here. I want to visit your city one of these days too.

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                                                  1. re: CityPork

                                                    Plough and Stars Irish Pub is another fine establishment.

                                                  2. For Latin food that's hard to find elsewhere and different from Mexican, I'd recommend Orinoco, a completely charming Venezuelan restaurant in the South End. It's a bit cheaper if you go for lunch, but dinner is also very inexpensive if you're not too tempted by the specials (I always am). It's at 477 Shawmut Ave, www.orinocokitchen.com

                                                    1. I think you'll find this thread helpful. It's a survey of chowhounds' top three burgers, pizza and lobster rolls:


                                                      Pizzeria Regina shows up many times, and I'll throw my hat into that ring. I think it's by far the best pizza in Boston, and I'm no tourist; I've lived here all my life. Most of my friends and family consider it the only great pizza in town. Just make sure, as another poster said, you go to the one in the North End. The others aren't that good.

                                                      With so many other great recs here, I would skip River Gods. It's a funky little place, but I wouldn't consider it a "must try" for the food.

                                                      1. In terms of nightlife, you are staying in what is affectionately known as the "Ladder District." I am still not sure what that means. There are a number of clubs in the area near your hotel which I am sure your concierge can recommend far better than me.

                                                        A reasonable place near you is the Good Life, which also has deals on certain nights for wine and good chow. It's literally around the corner from your hotel. On the other side of the coin, for wine, your concierge will probably suggest Vinalia, which I think is over-rated and over-priced. Try it and see!

                                                        For a more "authentic" bar experience, you are close to J.J. Foley's in the South End. Never been, but people here can comment further or board-surf.

                                                        You are close-by to the red line, as mentioned, so the world is your oyster. For cheap walk-about lunch, walk a couple of blocks to Falafel King for cheap sandwiches/wraps. There is a No-Fat/Low-Fat location adjacent to your building for slightly overpriced but decent burgers. Don't let the No-Fat moniker bother you - it's just supposedly healthy food, not without flavor - more high protein kind of place.

                                                        In terms of Latin, if you are in the area of the South End, I am always a fan of Orinoco on Shawmut - very cozy. Also, Masa has a great tapas deal at the bar - $10 for 10 I think. Oh and the Chacarero - do a board search for more. Don't miss this place for a lunch at least one day (weekdays only I think).

                                                        1. Salvatore's on Northern Ave. makes good pizza and has a nice atmosphere (this location is fairly new) Also their pasta dishes run around $15 -$20. It would be an interesting location to visit because it is near the waterfront and Fish Pier. In Fish Pier is the Nonname restaurant (fish) which has average food but the price is right. They are about 1 1/2 miles from your hotel so you could walk or take the Silver Line from South Station. Fish Pier by the way is where the fishing boats dock.

                                                          A new fish restaurant (Oceanaire) has just opened not far from your hotel, but I have not been yet and don't know the price range. Apparantly it has a few other location across the country and the fish is supposed to be very fresh.

                                                          1. That price point is tough. One way to deal with that restriction is to seach out places for lunch. Some of Boston's better restaurants serve reasonably priced lunch menus. For example, L'Espalier has a prixe fix lunch for $24, much much less than a typical dinner costs there. (OK, that's not $15 but you get the idea.) Note that your hotel is next to the financial district and there are no cheap lunches there.

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                                                            1. re: BBHound

                                                              Radius is in the financial district and also does a 3 course prix fixe lunch for $25 on weekdays. The L'Espalier one is a great value.

                                                            2. Just a little PS: Please do let us know where you end up and what you think! Have a great stay!

                                                              1. Have a drink at the new Liberty Hotel (the lobby is stunning and the bar is right on the lobby floor) on Charles St. which is walking distance to the Garden. It is a converted jail.
                                                                For a good Italian meal, walk over to the North End and eat at Pagluica's on Parmenter St. Tiny, cozy feeling to the place and the food is very very tasty. Have fun.

                                                                1. Definitely try Regina's (yes, ONLY the North End location).

                                                                  If you like your pizza with funky toppings, I'd recommend Emma's (esp the slices they serve at lunch) and also, for interesting toppings with a thicker crust, I love Za in Arlington, but that's a little off the beaten path (it's right on Mass Ave, though). I do love Figs, but be warned it can get very oily. They have amazing bread, too. mmmm.

                                                                  I prefer The Druid over The Burren because it is a less collegey scene. I'm also a fan of The Field at Central Square in Cambridge (it's practically on top of the T stop, and is walking distance to Rivergods, which has also been mentioned).

                                                                  I'm less schooled on the Latin food. Definitely would recommend Anna's for burritos (it's a local institution and cheap) and also Tacos Lupita near Porter Square (careful, they close really early, like 9). I believe the latter is Salvadoran, and they do really wonderful carne asada sandwiches! There are also some cute Portuguese places (may be stretching the definition of Latin there) at Inman square and in East Cambridge. I like O Cantinho for a really inexpensive meal with really inexpensive vino verde! They're very friendly there, too!

                                                                  Blurb on O Cantinho:

                                                                  I tend to steer pretty clear of the Downtown Crossing area, but before or after the game you will be pretty close to the North End and when in the North End, I love love love Cafe Vittorio for dessert!

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                                                                    1. re: joebelt

                                                                      Charles St is not as bad as Charlestown. It's oily in the sense that as you take a bite, you can feel the EVOO literally running down your throat. I love that as much as the next person, but sometimes my tummy just can't handle it.

                                                                      1. re: ginafly

                                                                        never experienced that at the Charles Street restaurant. I have never been to the Charlestown one.

                                                                    2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/485755

                                                                      This thread is running concurrently and covers similar territory.

                                                                      1. So my traveling buddies and I are back in Toronto (for a while now) and still talking about our great trip to Boston.

                                                                        I would like to start by saying I appreciate all the great recommendations from the hounds on the board, it made navigating the food scene alot easier than expected.

                                                                        I am a bit strapped for time so I will give you a few impressions of some of the recommended restaurants.

                                                                        Regina's: I am going to have to go with the majority here and count myself (and the entire group) as Pizzeria Regina supporters. We ordered a Pepperoni Pie and the Margherita. Both where absolutely delicious. The pepperoni was my personal favorite and the crust was thin and had the perfect texture to it. The flavor from a little charring on the crust was nice as well. As I mentioned before Toronto is very much lacking in the Pizza department and we have nothing here that can even come close to Rivaling Regina's.

                                                                        Chacarero: This was a perfect recommendation for lunch, so good we actually had it twice. The Sandwiches where big and tasty. I never thought I would like Green Beans on a sandwich, but consider me a convert. I ordered the Beef and then the combo the second time. If I had to choose I would have to say that the plain beef was my favorite. Great recommendation because it is not something you find everyday.

                                                                        Angela's Cafe: We ventured out to check out this great little place. We encountered a couple sketchy characters on the walk there from the train, but nothing too crazy. The food though was the important part, we ordered the guacamole to start. So fresh and tasty. I had the Chicken Mole. This dish was to die for, this was one of the best Mole sauces I have tasted. I spend alot of time in Arizona because my parents live there so I fill up on Mexican every visit, but this little place in East Boston would not be out of place there at all.

                                                                        Peach Farm: Knowing that the great traditional seafood places where out of our price range we went to Peach Farm for dinner. We feasted on the Oysters, Lobster in scallions and ginger, Eel is black bean sauce and the jumbo crab. Wow what a meal and deal that was. Yes we do have places like this on Spadina and in Markham/RH. But this was one of the better Cantonese seafood meals I have had in a long time and two of the girls I was with are from Hong Kong and they where very impressed.

                                                                        I will have to report back later with the rest of the reviews, but once again thanks very much for all the great tips. We absolutely adored your beautiful city and two of us are actually considering coming to grad school there.

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                                                                        1. re: Cind

                                                                          Woohoo! Thanks for reporting back with such details. Glad to hear you had such fabulous meals.

                                                                          1. re: Cind

                                                                            Cind -- you did REALLY well! I'm so glad you enjoyed the food on your trip and thanks for posting about how it all turned out.

                                                                            1. re: Cind

                                                                              Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves. I couldn't think of a better place to do your post graduate than Boston.

                                                                              There will always be a differing opinion or two, however tamerlanenj's assessment of "well-done pepperoni from Regina's is an absolutely outstanding pie for any city" was absolutely spot on.