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Aug 18, 2001 06:00 PM

Michi in Manhattan Beach

  • k

Has anyone eaten here? If so, what was your opinion? A friend was just extolling this restaurant, especially the sashimi.

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  1. Michi has excellent and artistically prepared food in an incredibly noisy environment. The prices are the highest in the South Bay, and the crowd is mostly not local - this is a Melrose hipster place that happens to be in the Manhattan Beach. Most people try it once and like the food, but the people I know don't tend to go back often, if ever. It's obviously popular enough with the tourist crowd and is rumored to be good for celebrity-spotting, and if it was quieter I'd be inclined to go back even though the place is so expensive.

    1. This is the noisiest restaurant I have ever been to. It was actually painful. The food was quite good and priced at top dollar. The first time we went we liked the food so much we thought that maybe it would not be so noisy the second time. It was even noisier. There was not one empty table either night. The ambient noise level is nothing less than a scream. The food was similar to Jozu and the decibel level was at least 30 less. Price also was much less.