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Jan 24, 2008 07:42 AM

Pho Near or On Polk Street?

Any one know of a good pho place somewhere on Polk Street between Broadway and Geary?

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  1. There is a pho place on Polk (east side of the street) but I'm forgetting the cross street (I think it's Pine).

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    1. re: baron45

      it's called Pho Vietnam, and I think it is at Pine. I've never tried it. I'd recommend going farther south and one block over to Larkin Street/Little Saigon. Lots of choices there.

      1. re: mchan02

        Thanks! I forgot there are places on Larkin. I will try that..

    2. It is at the intersection of Pine and Polk. I found the broth to be somewhat bland, but the quality of the beef and tripe were very good.