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Jan 24, 2008 07:26 AM

We Love Paris -Need Help.

Ok here is our situationMy husband and I both chefs in Dallas Texas have been to Paris a few times we have always just gone with the flow and stopped when we got ready to eat. I guess we have been lucky as I never recall a bad meal. We have been to some really expensive places and even eaten off the streets Loved it all. There is just something about being in Paris when you are into food that is magicial. This trip in mid March we will be coming with my 75 year old mother it is her birthday gift from us and my 7 year old daughter. We will be there for 2 dinners a Sat. and a Sun. It is a short trip as we will be going on to Venice on Monday. So where should we eat . We would like family style not to expensive. We are staying at the Le Meridian Etoile and will probably want to take a taxi unless there is something very close, my mother can't walk for very long. We love French food an Bistro type place but we don't want to spend more than about $200 us per meal. CaWe would love to have some suggestions from the experts. Thank You.

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  1. <we don't want to spend more than about $200 us per meal. > per person per meal, or per group per meal?

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      I am sorry I mean per meal. Is this possible? One of the people will be my small 7 year old daughter

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        I'm not sure if you mean American-type family style, but I've not seen that in Paris. also haven't seen children's menus, but then have not been dining with any children!

        The big problem is that 1 Euro costs around $1.5, so many things, including what used to be inexpensive meals, have become pretty pricy. Still you should be able to find some good places. I'm thinking the hounds who live in Paris will have the best advice for you.

        Cafes and wine bars are probably more "bargain" priced. I'm just thinking about the places I went in November. Most of them would be pretty close to $200 for 4 people. -- including my favorite, Maceo at 15 rue des Petits Champs behind the Palais Royale in the 1er.

    2. Two that are nearby are Chez Georges and Le Relais de Venise (steak/ frites only); both can meet you budget requirements; but you must stick to the prix-fixe menus.

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        What I am looking for is a place where a typical 3 generation French family would go for a nice dinner. We certainly are not looking for Ameican style .

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          Chez Georges was just reviewed (1/24/08) on the NYT site. It's as traditional as they come. Just remember, "traditional" generally means rich, heavy sauces, meat orientation and big desserts.

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            Chez Georges is one of my favorites. Get the sweetbreads.

      2. Two that are very close to your hotel are:

        Auberge Dab - this is quite a large restaurant, almost a brasserie but I don't think it is open all day. It is very traditional and a great example of a good French restaurant. They have the oysters outside, do good seafood platters as well as most standards. I have been a few times and never had a poor meal, also remember that there were a number of "3 generation French families". Not gastronomic fireworks but solid. It is close to the hotel, just across the Port Maillot roundabout.

        Le Bistro d'a Cote Flaubert (10 rue Gustave Flaubert) - this is a Michel Rostang bistro and serves interesting, good quality food. It is quite small, with tables close together but it is a nice atmospheric room. A classic, traditional bistro. Again not far from the hotel, but maybe a taxi ride.

        As to cost it is tricky to say, the Auberge is probably the cheaper of the two, but neither are over the top, although they could push the budget a little. But I fear this will be the case in most places. Here is the web link to the Bistro

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          Brasserie Lipp and have the stuffed pigs feet.

        2. Even one day in Paris is worth it! One of my UK clients gave her wife a private cooking class for her birthday. They visited a market, prepared the food on a home, and had the meal with the host. They found it very exciting! You seldom get a chance to visit a French home when you're in a foreign country and this is a not to be missed opportunity. You may care to try A World in a Pan ( and tell Babess sent you. I have sent here amany of my clients and never had one disappointed!

          1. Thanks to all of you. I have a few more questions. Which place would serve the best lamb? It is our favorite,. also when you say they serve steak and frites does that mean that is the only choice on the menu?

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              Relais de Venise, and two others, offer steak/ frites only. Priced competetively, there is always a line. Quality steak is available in Paris, but not here. Gourmets des Ternes, 87 bd de Courcelles, is a fine, high-end steak house; they probably have a lamb dish or two as well. Reservations needed.

              1. re: Oakglen

                Agree with Oakglen about Relais de Venise. I stayed at the Le Meridien for approx 6 weeks whilst searching for an apartment and ate here a few times. It is good if you want a break from the usual French food, or a to grab a simple meal on a Sunday night. No booking, simply line up, and yes they only do steak frites (plus a good desert menu).

                For lamb you are very close to "Sebillion", this is a restaurant that is very famous for its roast leg of lamb with white beans. They carve it at the table for you and you have as much as you want. The legs are shared between tables - as they finish one another is served. The restaurant is just along the Avenue Charles De Gaulle and they have another branch off the Champs Elysee. It is quite a popular restaurant especially with locals so I do advise booking (I failed to get in a few times when I turned up on spec). It is also another 3 generation restaurant.

                1. re: PhilD

                  I tried to telephone the Sebillion today, but wheb we spoke to the person hw told us the one off the Champs Elysee is closed. We don't speak French so we wondered is it just closed at the moment or is it closed down? Also how far would the original Sebillion be from Le Merideian Etoile be? This place sounds perfect.

                  1. re: Analisas mom

                    The original Le Sebillon, in Neuilly sur Seine, is just a short walk from the Porte Maillot metro stop. 20 ave Ch. de Gaulle. I don't know anyone who has been there. The other location was converted to a steak house, L'Ascot.

                    1. re: Oakglen

                      And also a short walk from the hotel. Out of the door, turn left, walk towards the large Port Maillot roundabout, turn right across the front of the Palais de Congress. At the lights cross the road to Avenue Charles De Gaulle (it is the one that leads to the big arch at La Defense) and the restaurant is approx. 50 metres on the right. In total maybe 500 metres.

                    2. re: Analisas mom

                      Yup, been closed for almost 1.5 years now.

                      1. re: Busk

                        Both of them or just the one off the Champs Elysee...?