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Jan 24, 2008 07:23 AM

Tofu Stew is for Chickens

Very nice story in the LA Times today about Hee-sook Lee, (the Korean woman who started the BCD Tofu House chain here in LA, and now internationally). But that's for the Food Media board.

This inquiry is about the mention in the story of her new restaurant by MacArthur Park, called BCD Pollo Pillo, that does a Korean chicken stew. I haven't noticed anyone review it here on the LA board, so I don't know if anyone has actually visited or not? It's on Alvarado Street, but they didn't give the exact address in the story.

Anyone have any first hand info on it?

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  1. I have searched in vain for the exact address or phone number. I am especially interested in the Korean fried chicken they supposedly serve at BCD Pollo Pillo. HAve you obtained any additional information?

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    1. re: sweiner

      Type in 'pillo' and behold:

      (When searching, fewer words gives a better sample to choose from...)

      1. re: Joe Blowe

        Thanks so much. That's a great tip. Have you tried BCD Pollo Pillo by any chance?