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Jan 24, 2008 07:20 AM

Help with inexspensive restaurants in Times Square

I need inexspensive restaurant information in Times Square
I am taking 12 teenagers from our local youth group to New York. we are staying at the Crown Plaza on Broadway an 49th I am looking for restauarnts for lunch and dinner near the hotel. I would like to keep lunch in in the 10-15 range per person and dinner in the 15.-25. I would appreciate any help

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  1. John's Pizza on 44th between 7th and8th. Virgil's bbq on44th between 6th and 7th. Tale a look at the places on little brazil street (45th or 46th between 5th and 6th). Look on the manhattan board for places in hell's kitchen, just west of times square. At Virgils the $27 pigout platter will fees two easily and the ice tea and lemonade have free refills. If you havent already, post on the manhattan board for more recommendations and prior posts. Enjoy.

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      I second Val's suggestions! Can't go wrong with Virgil's BBQ - always fun and a good price for a group. John's is great for a pizza craving (although they don't offer free refills).

    2. Ellen's Stardust is pretty good for that age group - we've brought our middle/high school choir there, a couple of time, and the kids love it. The entertainment (singing waiters/ waitresses - with a bit of acting thrown in) was right up their alley, and the food was OK. They have a group menu, includes salad, burger/fries and ice cream for about $20 including gratuity (slight variations of the menu are available).

      1. I would also recommend Ollie's Noodle shop or Tolache

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          i think the ollie's at times square has closed

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            Yes, but there's a new and better one on 42nd and 9th under the name "Ollie's Sichuan".

        2. Margon is a popular lunch spot for Latin home cooking.