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Jan 24, 2008 07:16 AM

Whole Foods in Orlando / Dr. Philips

Does anyone know when the Whole Foods under construction at Sand Lake & Turkey Lake will be opening???

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  1. I second that...Anyone, anyone???
    I can't wait!!! and we seem to be waiting patiently! Winter Park is a far drive for me!

    1. I looked on Whole Foods website and did a search on the web - no word, sadly. It looks like it's going to be much larger than the one in Winter Park.... I haven't driven by there in a while - how far along is it? The last time I passed by there were some concrete block walls and that was it....

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      1. re: jazzy77

        I drove by about a week ago and the outside structure looks finished. I think the parking lot still needs to be completed. Shouldn't be more than another couple months I would think. And I think the sign says opening in spring 2008.

      2. June 25, 2008. It just officially got moved back a little from the original June 1 date.

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        1. re: pixiedust1010

          Really? :( Are you sure? Very disappointing. I just called recently to the WF regional office and they wouldn't give me any information on the store. How'd you find out?

        2. I live only a couple of miles from this store and I can't wait. Yeah, it looks like it's only a month or two from being ready, but if they say June, OK, I'll buy that. I'll be thrilled to be able to get seafood that's not previously frozen.

          1. Geesh! I've been waiting for over a year and half for this store. They put the "Coming Soon" sign up way to early, LOL! I'm looking forward to it finally opening as it takes me forever to get to the Winter Park store. I have a feeling opening day is going to be crazy, but I'll be there! :o)

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            1. re: voyageurdemonde

              Permit troubles among other issues. New opening date target is July 1, 2008

                  1. re: Organic DJ

                    Yay, this Wednesday they'll finally be open!!!!