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Jan 24, 2008 07:13 AM

King Arthur Flour/Baker's Catalogue Mixes?

I usually like to make all my baked goods from scratch, but I've noticed lately that the King Arthur Flour/Baker's Catalog is offering a LOT more mixes, which I would assume would be high quality. ??

Has anyone tried any of their mixes or packaged sauces? If so, which ones did you try and were they good or bad? I am considering ordering a few.

I know someone posted a similar question a year ago, but I've seen a lot more mixes in the catalog even since then so am hoping more people have tried them.

I'm especially curious about the lava cake and other desserts. Some I've had (other places) tasted very artificial. Blah!


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  1. The lava cake mix is very good. I got their set with the silicone pans and the mix. I especially like that you can make just a couple of the lava cakes at a time.

    1. Allstonian and I have a yearly food trip that always includes a stop at the King Arthur store, and we make a point of picking up a lot of the scone and muffin mixes, which are indeed quite nice. I'm particularly fond of the apricot sour cream and buttermilk currant scones.

      We did try the coconut Boston creme pie mix a while back, but now that I think of it, I don't really remember much about it. It can't have been awful, then, but it also must not have been transcendent.

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        I lived in New England until about ten years ago and sadly, never got to KA!! I suspect it would be like a good bookstore for me - a place that would suck me in for hours. :-)

        good to know that the mixes are decent, especially the lava cake and I agree, nice that you can make just a couple at a time. YUM!

        And I LOVE Boston Creme Pie - haven't made it in you've got me thinking........!

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          The Boston cream pie was pretty decent, the weakest part being a rather pedestrian pastry cream. The regular cake mixes, both chocolate and vanilla, are excellent. And their seasonal stollen mix is so good that I prefer it to the "from scratch" recipes that I've used in the past.

          I haven't tried any of the ooey-gooey mixes such as the lava cake or the filled scones - I'm afraid that those just don't appeal to me. And I've been underwhelmed by the cookie mixes that I've tried. They've all been good, but not as good as I can do myself.

        2. The King Arthur yellow cake mix is the best cake mix on the market, and I keep 1 in my pantry for emergencies and when I might be feeling lazy. They modify well with spices and flavorings.

          I prefer to bake from scratch when possible, but when that is a option, the KA mixes are the best alternative.

          I would not bother with the icing mix, as it is too easy to make from scratch.

          1. I asked this question a while back, but I didn't get a ton of responses. I ordered a few for my mother-in-law, and I think she's enjoyed them. She burnt the cinnamon streusel coffeecake beyond recognition on accident, so we didn't get to sample that one. That was the one I was most excited to try. :-( The cranberry oatmeal cookies were good- the dried cranberries were the most plump that I've ever seen. I also bought her the date bar mix and the honey whole wheat bread, so I'll let you know when I get to sample.

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            1. re: Katie Nell

              I have made quite a few of these and had good results. I really liked the lemon buttermilk cake and the almond pound cake. There's a limited selection of these mixes in a few of the grocery stores where I live (VA) so you might try looking where you are, too.

              1. re: KateCross

                I haven't seen the mixes in the stores here (I live in western NC), but am happy that they finally stock the KA flour regularly!

                Glad to hear that most experiences have been good. I was only going to try a couple, but the buttermilk cake, the boston creme pie (w/possible pedestrian pastry cream!), cinnamon streusal cake, and some others may end up in my cart as well! didn't notice the filled scones before, must go look them up! Oh, and the yellow cake mix too!! I have lots of great chocolate recipes, but a really good yellow cake eludes me. I like a moist, somewhat heavy cake and have had trouble finding that in a yellow one.

                thanks for all the feedback so far! I can feel the extra pounds already.... :-)

            2. I had a laugh though at their pie crust mix -- supposed to make a nice flaky pastry, all you have to do is add butter and water -- ha.


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                that's funny! think I'll skip that one! :-)