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Aug 18, 2001 01:24 AM

LAX area restaurants

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We will meet traveling friends for dinner who will be staying @ the Marriott near LAX; we are all interested in inexpensive-to-moderate ethnic places (especially Mex) that aren't too far away. Maybe El Segundo or Westchester/Playa del Rey. They like Italian, too (who doesn't). Is Venice/Santa Monica too far for tired, aging travelers at the end of their trip? Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. Try "Jet Fumes" at El Tijera and El Segundo.

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    1. re: 2chez mike

      2chez mike: I can't seem to find an El Tijera anywhere in the Los Angeles area. I located a La Tijera, but it is many miles away from El Segundo, and they do not intersect. Could you be more specific about where Jet Fumes is located? Is it near LAX? Also, what kind of food do they serve?

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        There have been several good posts about Alejo's Italian at 8343 Lincoln Blvd. (310)-670-6677. It is an easy drive from where you will be at the Marriott. We have been quite a few times to Mi Ranchito at 12223 Washington Blvd in Culver City, (310)-398-8611. Especially good for Mexican sea food such as their roasted snapper with garlic. Just get on the 405 going N and get off at Washington Blvd., (about 4 miles N of Century Blvd. or just drive up Sepulveda). Go East on Washington Blvd. for about 2 to 3 miles, and it's on your right.

        I think the "Jet Fumes" suggestion was humor(?) on 2Chez Mike's part. There is a La Tijera Blvd. which runs through the airport area at an angle from NE to SW, but have never heard of any such restaurant.

        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          There is an Alejos just N of Manchester on Lincoln that is much closer to the airport. Just take Lincoln S past the Furama Hotel. It's 2 blocks down on the left-west side.

          1. re: Bob Barnett

            I believe Alejo's is North of the airport. All other information is correct. Order the Veggie and Chicken Lasagna.

            1. re: Larry

              I think that has to be a first. All three of us give the same location for Alejo's in Weschester while appearing to be either correcting or disagreeing with one another. Chowhound, the leader yet again.

    2. If they want to try something slightly unfamiliar (for most non-mexican non-LA residents), the Guelaguetza on Palms is a fairly easy drive up Sepulveda in the evening. Casual and inexpensive, although the food could be too rich for some. A little farther away is Tlapazola which is fancier and seafood oriented (and pretty underhyped IMHO).

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        Just a warning about Guelaguetza. I was there 2 weeks ago and things had changed for the worse. The chips were store bought and the tortilla on the Clayuda was days old. The Goat taco was about half as flavorful as it had been the last 5 times I had it. All in all a very disappointing experience. I am reluctant to recommend it any more. Am I the only one going here? I see it recommended on this board all of the time.

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        Near the Pier

        Try Versailles, the Cuban restaurant in Manhattan Beach. It's an easy drive from the airport on Sepulveda just south of Manhattan Beach Blvd.

        There was a discussion about the restaurant a couple of weeks ago on the Los Angeles board.

        1. ... in Manhattan Beach is a nice chain eatery who's wine list is pretty decent...for is very nice too!


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          1. re: D.Mortet

            Didn't know they were there. Do they have a bakery attached, too ?

            1. re: Bob S.

              On Rosecrans, east of sepulveda, in the mini-mall where Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, etc are. ....i am fairly certain they have a bakery attached. Its more El Segundo.

          2. If they are all tired, I would suggest. All within 10 minutes of LAX barring traffic and are relatively inexpensive.

            Alejo's: pretty relaxing if you go to the one in westchester across the street from albertson's on lincoln (you can park there and walk across the street). Good italian food, family atmosphere.

            Versailles: not too far either, on sepulveda (left side near target) in manhattan beach. Good cuban food.

            Cozymel's: Mexican restaurant. Not real authentic, but its pretty cool scene to relax and kick back. Like a young, hip version of El Torito or something. I've eaten here once, but they have a big selection of margaritas and really good dessets. Its on Rosecrans, on the left side going east near wolfgang puck and McCormick's.

            Tequilla Willie's: Manhattan beach mall (slightly past Sepulveda and Rosecrans), near islands. Pretty good stuff too, sort of like Cozymel's and they bring you fresh tortilas and butter....pretty good.