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Jan 24, 2008 07:01 AM

Late night eats in Cancun + local markets in Playa?

I arrive in Cancun tonight at Midnight and would love to grab a late night bite before beddie-bye. Any recommendations? Something local and authentic with a cold cerveza would fit the bill just fine.

Tomorrow on to Playa for a handful of nights. I have been reading through the posts on the board and I haven't been able to determine where there is a local food market and whether there are great things to eat there. Any insight would be helpful!

Thanks -- Stickies

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  1. In Playa, best all-around grocery is Chedraui, followed by San Francisco market, and Sam's Club. Best green grocers are Dac's and Marsans. Best fish market is Oceana. Best take-out cooked meat (especially the arrachera) with roasted onions and potatoes is Super Carne.
    Late dinner in Cancun? Yoyo (y'on y'own)