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Wife want's Indian food who has the best?

I am considering Tamarind Bay, Kathmandu Spice, and India quality's sister location in Allston. Any recs and food suggestions would be great. This is for Friday Night.

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  1. Of the three of those, my choice would be the last, Punjab Palace in Allston: maybe not *quite* up to the excellent standards of India Quality (my favorite Indian restaurant in town), but close enough.

    1. Try Indian Samraat in the Back Bay. (Mass ave between Commonwealth and Marlborough)

      We love to order whatever they have on the specials board for the day. That board has introduced us to so many new flavors and exciting dishes. We always have at least one new dish each time we visit.


      I have to get over to try Indian Quality. Thanks for reminding me again BFP!

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        What would you suggest we try? Any Favorites we are open to anything and we both enjoy spicy. Wife loves the rice, lentils etc.

      2. india quality is wonderful, punjab palace not quite as good. I like tamarind bay for a more elegant evening out and i love Shanti in Dorchester if that's your neighborhood at all

        1. We really enjoyed Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury. It has Nepali food as well, but we only stuck to the Indian side of the menu and loved everything. The service was great, didn't rush us, and reasonably priced.


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            I too am a big fan of Himalayan Bistro. I think they serve up divine versions of traditional Indian fare (sag paneer, dal, chicken korma, etc.). And the Nepali options are excellent. I found Himalayan Bistro even better than Tamarind Bay (and much less crowded). Also, the onion kulcha is to die for!

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              I have to differ on the Rani rec (unless things have changed dramatically since my last (and only) visit). The food was bland, rice was undercooked (shameful, especially at an Indian restaurant), and the service was poor.

              Personally, I recommend India Quality or Mela on Tremont Street in the South End. Mela has a more refined atmosphere and greater menu variety.

            2. I've never been to Kathmandu Spice, but have eaten a number of times at Tamarind Bay and Punjab Palace. If I were to choose between those two, I'd go to Tamarind Bay for a night out with the wife.
              Punjab Palace will have all the dishes you may expect to find at an Indian restaurant like Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, etc. Those are the kinds of dishes I've had there and they're solid but nothing amazing yet. I'm sure they'll turn up the heat for you if you like that. They've gotta TV showing Bollywood clips, if you enjoy that.

              Tamarind Bay's got tastier things on their menu that were memorable for me like the lalla mussa daal (lentils cooked overnight), their eggplant dish, and the mysore chilli chicken.

              1. Kathmandu has both Indian and Nepali dishes, so their menu is a bit different from some of the other straight-Indian places. I've eaten there a couple of times and will go back to try more different things. I have enjoyed their Mutton Meatballs and a vegetarian dish called something like "spinach canolli" which turned out to be a spinach and cheese pasta roll sliced and served with a tomato sauce.

                Their lunch buffet is good, too, but has the more mainstream dishes like most Indian-style lunch buffets.

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                  i really like Bukhara on Centre st in JP

                2. Also in Allston is Grain and Salt on Cambridge St. A couple friends and I went there and it was the best Indian food we've since moving to Boston. It has a pleasant romantic ambiance, and the owner is very warm and welcoming and obviously takes great pride in his food. We ordered the lamb marsala, aloo matar and some beef dish in a yogurt gravy. Triple yum...

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                    masala! not marsala! sorry.. my pet peeve.

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                      Right, I first wrote masala and Safari did the red-dotted underline thing when you misspell something. Without thinking too hard about it, I changed it to marsala, which is a wine, not an Indian dish. Silly me!!!

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                        Ahh, I love Safari. :) I do agree with you on Grain & Salt though - good rec!

                  2. I'm gonna put in my vote for Tamarind Bay, though I have to admit I haven't tried the others. Tamarind Bay is my favorite place (thus far) in the city for Indian. Excellent food, and a slightly different menu from your run-of-the-mill Indian places.