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Jan 24, 2008 06:52 AM

Help me with Fat Free Sour Cream

Can I make a nice dressing, dip, etc? I just joined WW and would like to doll up this stuff, as I don't like all the fat free dips or dressings. I thought if I could make my own, be great. Anyone have any luck with jazzing up FF sour cream?

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  1. I found the reduced fat version to be much, much better. The fat free stuff to me has never been an acceptable substitute, but the reduced fat stuff is quite reasonable.

    But perhaps someone else has come up with a recipe for the FF stuff that makes it worth eating?

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    1. re: Anne H

      Try mixing it with your homemade version or favorite store purchased salsa. On salads full of crunchy veggies or on a baked potato. Been doing WW 3 weeks now, we're okay with it.

    2. Have you ever tried 0% fat Fage yogurt? Similar in texture to (real) sour creme, and has that same tangy taste, but none of the chemical weird gelatinous texture of the fat free stuff. There are lots of threads about it.

      I find it makes a nice "green goddess" type dressing if you had garlic and lots of fresh herbs.

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      1. re: danna

        Agreed. I use it often for dips and the like; no one knows it's fat free yogurt - to me, that's a success.

        1. re: danna

          Agreed - I'd go for the Fage yogurt over the FF sour cream.

        2. I was feeling snacky last night and needed a dip so I used FF Sour Cream and Onion Soup mix for the classic from the 70's.

          I use it as a substitute for any cream because with it's unique (I know, scary) properties it will not break when boiled.

          Chicken Divan, Beef Stroganoff, Creamy Chicken mushroom spinach pasta.
          I don't usually cook 70's food but I guess sour cream inspires me to.

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          1. re: Mila

            I do WW online and simply cannot handle all the FF ingredients that are called for in their recipes. Just using RF makes such a huge difference in taste and between the two it's a negligible amount of fat. I also agree that Fage yogurt is awesome. The FF is much better than FF sour cream but the 2% is really outstanding.

            Have you checked out Cooking Light magazine? I was so glad to find that after WW's recipes. I know of at least one thread on the WW message boards that cooks from it religiously.

            1. re: kwe730

              Actually, I will soon start getting that Mag - we gave it as a gift this year to my step daughter and when getting the subs. it gave another one free (merry xmas to me). :-) I'll look forward to it. Also, Foodnetwork recently had all shows "light" and I got some great recipes from Paula Deen (of all people) and Giada, etc.

          2. I use 3/4 c lemon flavored yogurt
            (I prefer O source as there is less sugar)
            1/4 c fat-free may
            3 Tbsp white vinigar
            2 Tbsp dill
            1 Tbsp Frenchs hot mustard
            1/2 tsp salt(you can omit this if you are worried about salt content)
            1/4 tsp black pepper

            Tip if you cant find lemon yogurt or O souce use, use plain (Not Vanilla!!) in its place,
            and add 1 Tbsp lemon juice plus !Tbsp granulated sugar to the dressing) I use Slplenda.
            To make the dressing,add all the above ingreients to a blender and pulse until blended well.
            Place into clean jar and refrerate at least 1 hour before serving. Store in fridge.
            Goes nice with all veggie salads

            1. I also do WW but I can't stand diet food. I'm quite happy with plain Greek yogurt as a substitute. I whip together the plain yogurt with whatever else suits my fancy- lemon, garlic, herbs, spices, etc. I love aioli made with Greek yogurt as a dip or salad dressing. Here is my recipe:


              The first time I did WW, I used all the fat-free, sugar-free diet food. No surprise but it was not sustainable. This time around I am doing wholesome, unprocessed foods and just changing my palette. 2 months so far and it's working.

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              1. re: inexorablyfabulous

                I can't stand all the FF versions of real food. I'd rather not have it at all. Someone above mentioned light Food Network recipes and that reminded me of Ellie Kreiger. She had (I don't think that there are new episodes) a show called Healthy Appetite with Ellie Kreiger and if I recall most of her recipes were based on real food, not a bunch of FF versions. Although she did use FF milk. I liked a lot of her recipes. Anyway, her recipes are still on Food Network.

                1. re: dmjordan

                  I liked her as well. Real food substitutions and variations, the opposite of Hungry Girl. ::shudder::