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Aug 17, 2001 03:43 PM

Chowhound's Dinner, Update

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We are up to 12 people which means we have already filled one table and working on table #2! BTW, if you RSVP, please let me know if you are bringing a companion as I am counting each RSVP as one. Thanks.

To review here is the game plan:

Wednesday, August 22, 2001
At 7:30 PM (1900 PDT)
At 888 Seafood
·Address: 8450 Valley Blvd. #121, Rosemead
·Thomas Guide Coordinate: 596 G6
Phone: (626) 573-1888

Menu Highlights: Suckling pig BBQ Combo
Shark's Fin soup
Baked live prawn with garlic and soy sauce
Peking style Duck
Steamed whole fish
Price will be Approx. : $42.00 per person (tax and tip included) based on a table of TEN.

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