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Jan 24, 2008 06:24 AM

Restaurants in St. Thomas

My girlfriends and I will be in St. Thomas late April/early May. I haven't been there for several years and know lots will be new!!

I stayed at Frenchman's Reef last trip and wondered how the new restaurants/food there is. Love the ambiance overlooking the harbor!

Read a couple of bad reviews of Agave Terrace at Point Pleasant..... anyone eaten there recently?

What about Blue Moon Cafe at Secret Harbor?

Any other recommendations? I think one night we'll dine at Mafolie as the view down onto Charlotte Amalie would be fantastic! Any reviews of their food?

What about the restaurants at the new Grande Haven Yacht (or whatever the name is!)area?

Thanks in advance! Love this board!!!!


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  1. Our favorite restaurant in St. Thomas is Hook Line and Sinker in Frenchtown. You can check out the website: Great food and a casual atmosphere on the harbor. We love it!

    1. Thanks for the response -- sounds like a winner!!!

      1. Agave Terrace used to be good, but in my opinion, has slipped a bit the past few years. I've hear great things about Craig and Sally's - right in Frenchmans Reef. Also, the cuban place in Frenchmans is good, too.

        1. Over the years I have spent a fair amount of time in St Thomas for work. At this point skip Agave Terrace, but DO NOT MISS Craig & Sallys. Tucked away a bit, but fantastic food, great great wine list and Craig is a blast. Get the Eggplant Cheesescake as an app. Hook Line and Sinker is good for more casual. You may also want to try Randy's -- good choice for lunch. Grateful Deli in Redhook is also a good lunch choice. And if you want a good burger - any time from lunch until late - Shipwreck is divey, but great burgers.