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Aug 17, 2001 02:47 PM

Green Fields Korean churrasco?

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Heard about this west coast branch of a NY based Korean/Brazillian churrasco out towards Rosemead. Any opinions? Worth the trek?

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  1. Green Field is located in West Covina (381 N. Azusa Ave.), and is strictly Brazilian Churrascaria-style.

    I'd be interested in hearing about where you came up with the Korean angle. I mean, I think the two cuisines are highly complementary, and it sounds like it would be a great restaurant!!

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      While visiting NYC, I read an article (back in dec '99) saying that Green fields was opening an east coast branch. The article spoke briefly of the Korean owner who grew up in Brazil. I assumed the churrasco would have a Korean touch, but it seems not.
      I guess if I want to have that HanGook/Brasil fusion I'll just have to head over to the much touted TEMPLE. Can't wait to try it.

    2. At the Puente Hills Mall, right next to Sears and Hollytron Electronics, this churrascaria puts out quite a spread. As with Greenfields, the meat selection is mindboggling. I never would have thought to try grilled chicken hearts, a churrascaria specialty, without seeing tables of obvious Brasileno ex-pats going through skewer after skewer of them. All this chased down with a couple of caipirinhas makes for a distinctive and memorable experience, so long as you remember to starve yourself for the whole day leading up to it. You'll walk in, and roll out.


      1. I've visited the one on Azusa based on Elmer Dill's suggestion. Maybe I'm not the voracious carnivore that this restaurant is catered towards, but I found the meats do not taste too differently from each other. After all is said and done I was just sick from eating. The rest of my family wasn't all that impressed either.

        I also heard a rumor that the one on Azusa and the one in the Puente Hills mall are owned by the same owner.

        1. This link below, Roda Viva's site, explains the Korean-Brazilian connection of both Roda Viva and Greenfields.


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              No worries, Jim. I post on other boards where changing the headers is almost expected, but since there's a valid technical reason not to (you're right, no explanation necessary), I'll fall into line here.

              I'm glad I found youze guyz. It's been enjoyable so far.


          2. I have heard several times that is really good--there is also a new churrascaria at the Farmers Market in Fairfax- but this one has the gimmick that you pay by the pound... I have not been to it yet...I think the name is francisco's opened a couple of weeks ago