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Jan 24, 2008 05:45 AM

Whassup with Curra's

First, Curra's on Burnet closed, supposedly to look for a bigger place and to graciously allow Night Hawk to take over the building.

Now, Curra's Longbar up on Parmer is shuttered. A note on the door says they didn't pay the lease (Wednesday).

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  1. Can you say "poor management"?

      1. I heard that the waitstaff found out in the same way you did Rudeboy.

        When we moved to the area we really wanted to make Curra's our local place, but the service was so atrocious (and the food so mediocre), we wound up driving a little longer to go to Jardin Corona. Too bad. We really tried.

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        1. re: Hsien_Ko

          I know - that Curra's is near my work. Sometimes the food at any of the Curra's can be very good, and sometimes great, but the inconsistency in bot the food an the service is frustratingly unpredictable.

          (PS - you might try Vasquez for a change. We've enjoyed it a couple of times recently)

          1. re: rudeboy

            Thanks for the tip Rudeboy! We'll check it out.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Ooo... I've been meaning to try Vasquez. Anything in particular that really shines there?

              1. re: jwynne2000

                They have a small variety of typical mexican dishes...enchiladas verdes, al pastor, barbacoa. Nothing really stands out, but overall, it just seems like they take a little more care in the preparation. Rice and beans are a little better, entrees seem a little more carefully prepared, etc. Just a nice little place to grab some lunch for me. I've had some okay and even decent meals at Jardin Corona, but also many that tasted like they came out of an El Patio frozen entree box (most notably, the lunch specials). Essentially, we've been going to Vasquez for our normal lunch mexican fix.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  Where is Vasquez? I tried googling it but didn't see anything that I thought was it. Thanks!

          2. Is the one on Oltorf still open? I liked their cochinita pibil and those strangely tasty avocado margaritas. Too bad it's way too far South from the 183 area to be worth driving to.

            My current 5-10 minute drive options are Mesa Rosa and Jardin Corona. I haven't been impressed by either. So I usually wind up driving farther to Jorge's. I'll have to try this Vasquez place mentioned. I'm guessing this is the place?

            Vasquez Taco
            9063 Research Blvd
            Austin, TX 78758

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            1. re: verily

              I was almost forced to go to Jardin today, but I bailed and I'm eating lunch at my desk. One thing that I've found there that's actually pretty good are the Santa Fe enchiladas. Shredded chicken on stacked blue corn tortillas. There's a lot of chicken on it. If I'd gone today, I was going to ask them to rplace 75% of the chicken with vegetables.

              Yes, that's Vasquez. They do have tacos, but also gorditas, plates, soup, etc. - not just a taco place.

              1. re: verily

                You might consider Camino Real, at 183 and McNeil. Decent texmex.

              2. Rudeboy saves the day! I had a meetinng with 10 people scheduled at Curra's Long Bar last night and if it hadn't been for a last minute check of CH, we would have been waiting in the rain. As it was, we went to Little Woodrow's for $3, 25 oz domestic beers and pizza, wings and fried pickles.

                The Pizza had a decent thin crust but was overly cheesey. The pepperoni and sausage topping was pretty good, with a nice, fennely sausage. The wings tasted strongly of vinegar, which I didn't care for and the pickle chips were way over breaded. The food comes from the place called Woody's next door, but the wait staff at Woodrow's carries menus and takes your order and payment. I'm curious about the steak night. Any comments?

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                1. re: Greg Spence

                  Glad I could help!

                  Good to know about Woody's. Do you know if they have lunch? I don't know about steak night, as I'm not around these parts at night. I had a friend that used to cook steaks at the 6th street location - there, they just set us a stand and sold NY Strips for a reasonable price....