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Square Meal - Carnegie Hill (Review)

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We went to Square Meal again for dinner last night. In my opinion the food is far and away the best in Carnegie Hill, which could be not saying much given the other choices, but in fact once again the food was excellent and the service has really come into its own. We went at about 6pm, and by the time we left, the place had really filled up.

My husband had a rich Porcini soup, which I'd not seen on the menu before, and I had the Boston and Buttermilk Salad, which had home made croutons and bacon. I had the lobster macaroni and cheese - lovely pieces of lobster, an interesting pasta shape that I did not recognize, and a creamy, delicious, cheesy sauce. My husband had a beautiful pork chop that came with sauteed apples, and wonderful small wedges of potato - crispy golden on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside and he was kind enough to share some with me so that I could "mop up" the sauce from my dish.

For dessert, I once again couldn't resist the three layer spice cake with salted caramel buttercream - light and rich - perfect contrasts. As we were getting our coats, I admired the pear and apple pie on the counter and mentioned to the host how much I'd love the peach pie I'd had in the late summer - had woken up the next morning wishing I could have a piece for breakfast - and he packed up a piece of the apple/pear pie and gave it to me and I've just finished it up with my morning coffee.

It's still BYOB, and the host said that even after they get their liquor license, the wine list will be limited and they plan to continue offering BYOB. We asked if they had any plans to open for lunch, and he said that they hope to start serving lunch on Saturdays sometime in February. The menu changes daily, and unfortunately there isn't a sample menu on the website. Here's a link to some previous reviews though:


I'd describe the menu generally as very well executed "simple" American cooking, done by people who really care about how food tastes. Our bill with tax was $90. I think it's a great option for an early dinner after visiting nearby museums, or before going to the 92nd Street Y, and is worth the trip up to Carnegie Hill to check it out.

Edit - I forgot to mention how amazing the cheddar biscuits are that are brought to the table after you are seated. They don't bring butter, but brought some for my husband when he asked for it.

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    1. The menu isn't posted on their website, because it says it changes regularly. Do you know how veggie friendly it is?

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        Hmm - good question - several veggie salads, and lately the butternut squash pasta. I'll check the menu tomorrow when I walk by w/ the dog and post back. Sometimes I see some of the employees outside on the sidewalk - so if I can, I'll ask them as well.

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          I just went by - the menu was outside. A lot of the appetizers and "small plates" look vegetarian friendly (like the butternut squash cannoli), though, for example, one of the salads I have had had bacon in it, though not on the menu, so it would be worth asking. However, none of the main courses were vegetarian tonight.

        2. Adding Places link:

          Square Meal
          30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128