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Peter's Inn vs Henninger's

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I'm making dinner plans for this evening and have been waiting for months to try these two restaurants. I understand that Peter's doesn't take reservations, will it be impossible to get a table for 2 at 8pm on a Thursday? Is Henninger's a good second option (or should we just start out there?)

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  1. Henninger's doesn't take reservations either. That said, it would be my choice of the two.

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    1. You should be OK on a Thursday night. Maybe like a 15 min wait. Although I prefer the atmosphere at Henninger's - OK, I actually LOVE the atmosphere at Henninger's, I have to give the edge on food to Peter's. You can't go wrong with either place.

      1. I've been to both places once and they were both nice and the food was pretty good. I think the Server was better at Henningers. The thing that drove me crazy about Henningers is that it took us over half an hour to find a parking space. We didn't have the parking problem at Peter's. I don't see why it would be so hard to get a table for 2 at 8 PM. - that's kind of late for dinner. I'd imagine that either there would be tables available, or something would open up shortly at that time of night.

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          Thats funny since Peters in literally around the corner from Henningers and the parking there is bad too. I usually park on Broadway, you have to pay that meter box until 8 but there always seems to be parking there and it's about 2.5 blocks from either restaurant.

        2. Henninger's for service and atmosphere.

          Peter's for food and parking.

          1. I agree with tennisgal on food vs. atmosphere
            We often head to Peter's first and if too crowded then head to Henniger's- they have more space-it seems- and often have a table
            The food in my experience has always been excellent at Peter's and most of the time excellent to very good at Henninger's
            both are great and will result in happy bellies!

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              Both are great, but I have to give the edge to Peter's.

            2. Thanks for all of the input!
              We went to Peter's around 8:45 last night (my d.c.'s commute from Philly took longer than expected.) It took about 30sec to find a parking spot on Ann between Eastern and Fleet and we snagged the last open table (although many became available shortly after we sat down).
              We each started with the salad and garlic bread. The salad was simple, well dressed greens, and the garlic bread had a topping that compensated for the somewhat generic Italian bread. I had the "rosemary lamb with yukon whipped potatoes and boredelaise sauce", and my d.c. had the "little neck clams tossed with white wine,garlic,swiss chard and heavy cream over fettucini".
              The lamb dish did an excellent job of incorporating rosemary without being overpowering. The only slight flaw was my mid-meal transformation into Goldilocks: the lamb was promised medium rare and the three chops came out rare, a perfect medium rare and a medium-well. The rare chop was still delicious and I was mostly full by the time I got to the medium-well, so it wasn't really a problem.
              Most impressive was the quirky ambiance and the incredibly reasonable prices. I will most certainly add this to my regular rotation of neighborhood restaurants/

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                I'm glad you liked Peter's. Like I said - I've only been to Peter's and Henninger's once, but thought they both seem like quality finds. I'll have to try them out again, but lately I've been on a kick for Old School Italian/American red sauce restaurants. My search is taking me everywhere from Southern Connecticut, NYC, South Philly and Baltimore/DC.

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                  They are both small, neighborhood places that are family run. They have equally good food/service. One is not better than the other. Just go to both.

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                    And while you're at it, go to Birches and Tyson's Tavern. Same concept, same neighborhood, and both care about their food.

                    BTW, if you like French Onion soup, Birches is the best in town.