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Smokin' Q?

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There's a new BBQ place on 63rd Street (2nd/3rd): Smokin' Q. There are no reviews anywhere yet, but Menu Pages shows that they offer a $15 iceberg lettuce salad, and an $11 chicken sandwich. Has anyone been to this place?

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    1. going to check this out tonight and will report back, would be great to have something tasty in the hood.

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        Was there last nite for dinner. After some initial confusion and tumult between owner, employees, pick up orders, outgoing orders, etc. settled down to a nice relaxed meal. Ribs that were very good, pulled pork - equally good and brisket which did not go over well (rather dry). Mac n cheese, thin cut fries and cole slaw were certainly respectable sides. Iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and tomatos had a tasty dressing.Banana pudding was deelish and was told the key lime pie was also good. The owner was all over the place, being helpful and personable. Overall pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.

      2. Tried them late last night (Fri). Restaurant was practically empty. Ribs were very good - pink, tender, juicy, smoky. Not the best ribs I've ever had in NYC, but certainly better than RUB, Blue Smoke, Hill Country. Fries were also good. Cornbread was probably the best I've had in any NYC restaurant.
        Prices are high - about $18 for half a half rack, $11 for a quarter (Daisy May's manages to serve up a half rack for only $12.50, but then Daisy May's isn't on the UES).
        Very quiet, clean, ascetic, minimalist design - complete opposite of what you would find at, say, Dinosaur's.

        Verdict: welcome addition to the range of BBQ choices in Manhattan. A bit more expensive than some other options, but probably worth the price given the lack of competition in the neighborhood.

        1. Ate at Smokin Q today for lunch. I was remarkably unimpressed with the food. The brisket was tasty but totally undercooked. The ribs again were tasty but were over sauced. This restaurant is ok for the amateur BBQ person but when it comes to the real stuff go to Hill Country where they know how to smoke and how to serve up a great offering. Rub and Blue Smoke also are a good second choice over this place.

          1. We had an early dinner here today. What a ripoff!! I mean, the pulled pork was good, but not at all worth what they are charging. The ribs are one of the weaker dishes, not nearly as meaty as they advertise. Their ordering system really doesn't make any sense. First you choose your table, then you go back to the front to order. Then you go back to your table and wait for your food. But then what if you decide that you need to order something else? You have to get up again, wait in line, order,...It needs work! I probably won't go back unless it was for takeout.

            1. Had ribs from Smokin' Q last night after a long absence.
              The high pricetag still bites, but the ribs are still delicious (better than what I've had during recent visits to Dinosaur, Daisy May's, and Smoke Joint).
              And Smokin' Q's cornbread is still some of the best I've had in any restaurant.

              1. Been several times and really enjoyed it! Great ribs and good pulled pork- didn't try the brisket. Ribs are up there with Daisy Mae's and Dinosaur's. Never expected such high quality smoking on the UES!

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                  definitely try the brisket. it is my favorite along with the pulled pork. like the ribs too! was just there this tuesday night and had another good meal.