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Aug 17, 2001 02:26 PM

question about sushi bars???

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last night, i went to sushisushi on beverly drive, sat at a table, and was served mediocre (including an almost inedible, fishy piece of yellowtail) sushi prepared by what appeared to be the sushi apprentice. the sushi being prepared by the sushi master (i assume, he was on the corner) seemed much better.

at take sushi on sunset, if you are served by nobu, the sushi is great. if you sit at the tables or in front of the apprentice, it is average/mediocre.

how do insure being served by the sushi master? it seems that there are two different restaurants within the same space, and they are both charging the same price.

also, what sushi bars don't have this heirarchy??? which ones do you need to sit with the master to get a good meal?


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    Vanessa On The Town

    I'm very surprised by your comments about Sushi Sushi. Shige, the chef there, has always served very high quality fish. He is a traditionalist. He prefers authentic Japanese style sushi and does not cater to those who like fancy California type rolls and such. If the yellowtail was not good, maybe it was because his assistant was preparing it. Whenever I've been there, he has introduced my friend's and I to unfamiliar fish and delicasies that challenge our American palates, and he has taught us the correct way to eat it. ie: no sauces, etc. Maybe you should give it another chance and make sure you sit in front of Shige the chef next time. Ask him what is good that night, and when he places the fish in front of you he will probably say, "No soy," so that you can taste the fish as it is.

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      is "sushi sushi" supposed to be "sushi shibucho" because the chef over there is also named shige and it is on beverly blvd. also, at shibucho i have never seen an apprentice, it's just shige. and speaking of service , shige is pretty rude and inhosptiable when i have been there. but i can't resist the sushi, which is very good.

      1. re: kevin
        Vanessa On The Town

        I don't think it's the same guy. Sushi Sushi is on Beverly Dr., not Beverly Blvd. I think that Shige owns Sushi Sushi, but although I used to go there alot I haven't been in at least six months, so maybe it's changed hands. I doubt it though. And Shige has always been polite, though sometimes serious about his sushi. But you never know. Does he wear wooden sandals? That's how traditional Shige is, he always wears his wooden sandals.

        1. re: Vanessa On The Town

          yeah, wears these sandals. it's the same sushi bar, if the chef also has a huge, expensive wine list. is that so. also, where on beverly dr. is sushi sushi. is the sushi bar you're talking about in west hollywood area or silverlake area. and do you know the cross street or exact address. i'm just curious if it is the same place that i'm talking about. thanks.

          1. re: kevin
            Vanessa On The Town

            Sushi Sushi is in Beverly Hills on Beverly Dr. just north of Olympic. I'm not sure about the wine list, but he has a good selection of Sake. It's a very small place. 326 1/2 S. Beverly Dr.

          2. re: Vanessa On The Town

            I have found Shige to be very curt to me as well, if not horribly rude. And yet always kind to my guests. Go figure. It may just be a personality conflict.